Index of Pictures

West Rim Trail hike in Zion National Park  Celeste, Rose, Jenny and I hike the West Rim Trail in Zion National park, starting at Lava Point, with an overnight camp in Potato Hollow. Amazing scenery!  May 30, 2024
Spring 2023  Visit from Bobby and Becca, visiting Zion National Park, Hurricane Mesa, Widforss Trail in the Grand Canyon, and lots of other little trips  March 25, 2024
Winter 2023/2024  Ghost town of Grafton, hikes, Christmas trip to North Carolina, hot air ballon festival, visit to Los Angeles and a conference in Las Vegas  November 5, 2023
September/October  Lee's Ferry, Bryce Canyon, Tarantula, Eclipse, Japanese Students  September 5, 2023
Zion Hike  September hike to Zion with Red Rock Hiking Group  September 3, 2023
Some Fall Activities  Caleb Visit, North RIm Grand Canyon, Visit to Seattle  July 29, 2023
Biking through France  Sylvia and Peter bike through France  June 17, 2023
May  Wildcat Trail, Gardner Peak, Taylor Canyon, camping in the new trailer  May 22, 2023
More local attractions  Petroglyph slot canyon in Snow Canyon, Mountain Meadows  April 24, 2023
More hikes  Gifford Canyon, Red Butte  April 8, 2023
Charlotte, etc  A visit to Charlotte, Hippopotamus Cave, Babylon Arch, our Japanese homestay student  February 21, 2023
Yant Flats through hike  Yant Flats to Elephant Arch, some local petroglyphs  February 12, 2023
Valley of Fire, etc  Valley of Fire, Snow Canyon, actual snow accumulation  January 8, 2023
Christmas 2022  Christmas 2022  December 24, 2022
Gold Butte  Another spectacular hike with John and the Red Rock Hiking group  December 18, 2022
December 2022  Little Creek Mesa, Water Glyphs, Colorado City  December 6, 2022
Jean Visits  A visit from my friend Jean  November 27, 2022
Late Fall  Enjoying some hikes in late fall  October 22, 2022
Zion National Park Hike  John led an amazing hike into Zion National Park  October 16, 2022
Early Fall  Cottonwood Canyon, Cedar Breaks  September 21, 2022
Visiting Bellevue  Seeing old friends  September 11, 2022
Summer 2022  Our first summer in St George  July 17, 2022
Flagstaff  Visiting Flagstaff  July 7, 2022
St. George and move  Visiting St George, and the move there  February 20, 2022
Fall 2021  Christmas, a few short trips and hikes  October 24, 2021
Spring -Fall 2021  Assorted pictures, including Porcfest, bike ride on Olympic Discovery Trail, Scottsdale trip  April 20, 2021
Early 2021  Snowstorms, hiking at Frenchman's Coulee, Aldermarsh yoga retreat, Twin Falls Idaho, a new kayak.  December 29, 2020
Christmas 2020  We visit family in North Carolina  December 19, 2020
Fall pictures  Various events in fall, including a trip to Salt Lake City  October 10, 2020
Late August/September  Late August/September of 2020  August 28, 2020
Boise  An extended weekend trip to Boise  August 24, 2020
Early summer 2020  A few shorter trips  July 27, 2020
Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes  Family trip to the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, biking in Idaho  July 18, 2020
June/July  Assorted pictures from June and July  June 28, 2020
Mickelson Trail  Peter and I biked the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota  June 20, 2020
Some May/June pics  Various excursions around the area, also looting pictures from Bellevue Square  May 20, 2020
Spring 2020  More coronavirus lockdown, biking, kayaking  April 12, 2020
Winter and early spring 2020  Palm Springs, snowshoeing, and the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown  January 11, 2020
Christmas in North Carolina  We spend Christmas visiting family in North Carolina  December 21, 2019
Assorted fall pictures  Choir concerts, visits with friends, etc  October 9, 2019
Pacific Crest Trail hike  Gary and I hike from White Pass to Chinook Pass  August 28, 2019
Biking Through Austria  Sylvia and Peter spend four weeks biking through Austria and Germany  June 20, 2019
Spring and Summer 2019  Peter's birthday, Silver Peak, tubing on the Snoqualmie  June 19, 2019
Spring 2019  Anderson Island bike ride, Orcas Island visit, choir concerts, and various other activities  March 17, 2019
Los Angeles  A mid-winter trip to sunny but not-so-warm Los Angeles  February 17, 2019
Christmas 2018  Visiting family in North Carolina  December 22, 2018
Late fall 2018  Visiting with Brian, etc  November 12, 2018
Fall 2018  Lake Ingalls hike, sailing in Puget Sound, Astoria and Fort Stevens, houseboat tour, visiting Cherie, COPA migration  August 7, 2018
North Carolina Visit  We visit family in Asheville and Charlotte  July 26, 2018
Coeur d'Alene  We flew over to Coeur d'Alene for a short visit  July 22, 2018
Lena Lake  Peter's first backpacking trip to Lena Lake  July 11, 2018
Shi-Shi Beach hike  Jean and I hike to Shi-Shi beach on the Olympic Penninsula. Also a few other pictures  June 30, 2018
June 2018  Graduation from elemetary and middle school, and Peter's birthday  June 18, 2018
Chelan Lakeshore Trail Hike  Overnight backpacking trip from Prince Creek to Stehikin with Jean and Kelly  June 15, 2018
Spring 2018  Poo-poo point hike, choir concert, Northwest Folklife Festival, and various trips and events  April 25, 2018
Japan  We travel to Japan  April 1, 2018
Palm Springs  We visited Palm Springs for mid-winter break  February 18, 2018
Winter 2018  An assortment of pictures from winter 2018, includinig Sylvia's 50th birthday party  January 1, 2018
Christmas 2017  Visiting family in North Carolina  December 18, 2017
Fall 2017  Trips and activities in last 2017  December 7, 2017
Summer 2017  Ingalls Lake hike, Newport Oregon, Vashon Island sailing trip, the eclipse in Madras, Goat Lake hike  July 23, 2017
Europe  We visit Amsterdam and Trier, Germany.  July 9, 2017
Tanzania  We travel to Tanzania with Ken and Ann for a safari  June 26, 2017
Spring 2017  Easter, choir and concerts, hikes, Alaska trip  April 16, 2017
St. George  Our spring break trip to St. George, Utah  March 4, 2017
San Diego  Winter and a trip to San Diego  December 30, 2016
Christmas 2016  Christmas in North Carolina  December 19, 2016
Fall 2016  Monte Christo hike, Mt Pilchuck, Eastern Washington, etc  September 18, 2016
September 2016  Evergreen State Fair and Yellow Aster Butte  August 24, 2016
Europe Summer 2016  Our 4 week trip to Europe, including Belgium, England, and a visit to our old home in Geneva  July 18, 2016
July  The beginning of summer  July 3, 2016
Spring 2016  Various spring events, Fort Stevens and kayaking Hope Island  April 10, 2016
Austin  A visit to Austin, Texas  April 2, 2016
Desert hiking  Backpacking trip in Josha Tree National park with Kelly and Jean  March 18, 2016
Early 2016  Tubing, Valentines, Whistler  January 1, 2016
Christmas 2015  We enjoy another Christmas visiting family in North Carolina  December 20, 2015
Late fall 2015  School, local adventures, and a visit to Vancouver  September 27, 2015
September  First day of school, a hike, and a backpacking trip with Jean  September 1, 2015
Backpacking in the Olympics  Sylvia, Jean and Kelly go on a 5 day, 42 mile backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park  August 24, 2015
RV Trip  The Vasilik's spend almost 3 weeks in a motorhome  August 3, 2015
Disneyland!  Eric and the kids go to Disneyland.  July 26, 2015
Costa Rica!  We visited Costa Rica to see the Blatt family, now living there.  July 12, 2015
Summer fun  A few local trips  July 3, 2015
Birthdays, Eric's parents visit.  End of school year, trip to Victoria, BC, fishing, garbage fire, Ken and Ann visit.  May 12, 2015
April/May  SBCC Family Challenge, misc.  April 15, 2015
New York  The Vasilik's take a trip to New York City with Sylvia's mother, Inge.  April 4, 2015
Early 2015  American Camp at San Juan Island, Children's Museum in Olympia, Gates Foundation.  January 4, 2015
Christmas 2014!  End of year and Christmas in North Carolina  December 25, 2014
Washington D.C. and assorted pics  A variety of pictures from fall, plus a Thanksgiving trip to Washington, DC  November 22, 2014
Houseboat tour  Floating home (houseboat) show with Judy  August 30, 2014
Disneyworld  A week at Disneyworld, with Eric's family  August 20, 2014
Columbia River trip  Three nights along the Columbia River.  August 12, 2014
Late July  Deception Pass camping trip with Peter  July 25, 2014
Yellowstone  Seattle and Yellowstone with the Delebeque family  July 13, 2014
June  Sylvia's Mom's visit and a trip to Astoria/Fort Stevens  June 11, 2014
Olympic Peninsula  An overnight trip to the Olympic Peninsula, staying in Forks, WA  May 23, 2014
San Francisco  A few days in San Francisco and other events  March 2, 2014
Las Vegas  February trip to Las Vegas (and a few miscellaneous pictures)  February 18, 2014
Back to the US  First few months in back in the US, including Christmas  December 21, 2013
Geneva  Our last month in Geneva  August 16, 2013
Berlin  A week in Berlin  August 9, 2013
Lisbon  A 5 day trip to beautiful Lisbon  July 17, 2013
July Miscellaneous  Creux du Van, Signal de Bougy, etc.  July 11, 2013
Copenhagen  We spent 5 lovely days in Copenhagen - friendliest city yet  July 2, 2013
June  End of school concert and parade, kids visit UN, Peter's sixth birthday, visiting the Oujon ruins, and walking along Lake Geneva from Morge to Saint Sulpice.  June 14, 2013
CERN, Amsterdam and Budapest  I take a solo trip to Amsterdam, and we visit Budapest, and experience record floods of the Danube in Budapest.  June 8, 2013
Lyon, Lucerne, Geneva Marathon  A few short trips, and some other random pictures  May 11, 2013
Barcelona  Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, cool science museum.  April 26, 2013
Spring  Baby plage, Ruins at Rouelbeau, Labyrinthe Adventure  April 7, 2013
Italy  Turin, Verona and Venice for the Easter Holidays.  March 28, 2013
Parc La Grange and Parc Eaux Vive  These 2 lovely parks right next to our apartment have made our stay here much more enjoyable.  March 27, 2013
Israel  We flew to Israel for the February school holidays  February 10, 2013
Eric almost gets stoned  Eric and Kenny encounter a stone throwing Palestinian while walking the Jerusalem ramparts.  February 10, 2013
January  Miscellaneous pictures from January  January 3, 2013
London  We welcomed the New Year in London.  December 28, 2012
Marrakech  Christmas in Marrakech.  December 22, 2012
Paris in November, and Escalade  Assorted pictures from November, including a trip to Paris  November 21, 2012
Madrid  The Vasilik's visit Spain!  October 24, 2012
Alpage in Annecy, Basel  Trips around Switzerland.  October 13, 2012
Tree-climbers, Neuchatel, Mont Blanc  More trips around Switzerland and France.  September 22, 2012
Zurich and Rocher de Naye  Sylvia and the kids take a trip.  September 6, 2012
The Cave of Vallorbe  We take a trip underground.  August 26, 2012
Eric's Parents Visit  We visited lots of local attractions  August 15, 2012
Eaux-Vives  A walk around our neighborhood of Eaux-Vives, in Geneva.  August 14, 2012
Gruyere  Weekend trip to the cheese capital of Switzerland.  August 7, 2012
Lucerne  A trip to Lucerne, including the transportation museum.  August 4, 2012
July trips  Fort l'ecluse, Murten, Ch�teaux d'Allinges.  July 24, 2012
Aosta, Italy  Weekend visit to Aosta, Italy.  July 14, 2012
Berner Oberland  A week in the Berner Oberland  July 2, 2012
Early Summer  Early Summer  May 16, 2012
Winter/Spring  Assorted winter/spring pictures, including Lausanne, Lyon, and Bern.  May 13, 2012
Amsterdam  The Vasilik family visit Amsterdam!  April 5, 2012
Fribourg  The Vasiliks take the train to Fribourg  April 1, 2012
Rome  The Vasilik's spend four days in Rome.  February 15, 2012
London  The Vasilik Family spends Christmas in London!  December 24, 2011
First few months  Assorted pictures from our first few months in Geneva  December 16, 2011
Paris  The Vasilik's spend the weekend in Paris to pick up Eric's visa.  November 18, 2011
Montreux and Chillon Castle.  Day trip to Montreux and the Chillon Castle  November 13, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland  The Vasilik Family moves to Geneva. The first three weeks.  October 13, 2011
Going Away Party  The Vasilik's throw a going away party before going to Geneva.  September 25, 2011
Fall 2011  Misc pictures from Fall  August 12, 2011
Late Summer 2011  Leavenworth and Eastern Washington  July 21, 2011
Spring/Summer 2011  Misc. pictures of early 2011  July 11, 2011
Camping at Fort Stevens  We camped at Fort Stevens State Park for 3 nights and visited Astoria.  July 7, 2011
June in Asheville  We travel to Asheville and Charlotte to visit family  June 23, 2011
Peter Preschool Pictures  Pictures taken by teachers at Peter's Pre School  May 31, 2011
Family Photos  A few pictures taken by our neighbor, Melissa.  April 6, 2011
San Diego 2011  A trip to San Diego - Sea World, USS Midway, Zoo and Balboa Park.  February 22, 2011
Winter 2010  Miscellaneous activities during Winter 2010.  November 28, 2010
Thanksgiving 2010 in NC  The Vasiliks spend Thanksgiving with relatives in North Carolina.  November 25, 2010
Purple Hearts Movie  Clips from Purple Hearts, in which Eric was an extra!  November 23, 2010
Fall 2010  Pictures from the Fall of 2010  July 26, 2010
Spring/Summer 2010  Grandparents Visit, Camping Trip.  May 9, 2010
Winter/Spring 2010  Weekend at the beach, a day in the life, bike rides, zoo trips, Easter,  February 17, 2010
Trip to Maui  The Vasilik's spend a week at the Grand Wailea on Maui.  January 30, 2010
January 2010  A few pictures I missed  January 13, 2010
Christmas 2009 in Asheville  Eric, Sylvia, Kenny and Peter visit Grandma and Grandpa in Asheville, North Carolina  December 25, 2009
December 2010  Miscellaneous December pictures  December 5, 2009
Trip to Vancouver, B.C.  The Vasilik's spend a weekend in Vancouver.  November 27, 2009
Fall 2009  Camp Orkila, Pumpkin Carving, Seabrook, Camp Coleman, Kenny's birthday, Halloween  August 23, 2009
July/August  Projects, Google picnic, various outings, redecorating the kids room, camping  July 10, 2009
Alaska Cruise  We took a cruise to Alaska on the Inside Passage with Eric's parents  July 8, 2009
Late June  Bike rides, Peter's second birthday  July 7, 2009
Biking and Cama Beach  Biking on Green River Trail, a stay at Cama Beach  May 30, 2009
Kenny and Eric Fly with Roger  When Roger calls and says "Hey, you wanna go flying", you say yes!  May 29, 2009
Lake Chelan  We went to Lake Chelan for the Memorial Day weekend, with the Blatt and Parmacek family  May 23, 2009
Spring 2009  Daycare show, Vashon Island, Kelsey Creek Festival  March 20, 2009
Club Med Ixtapa  We visited the Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico, for a week  March 7, 2009
Early 2009  Hanging out at home, visiting the zoo, Sylvia goes to Palm Springs  January 3, 2009
Christmas 2008  After some snow delays (were going to leave the 22nd, ended up leaving the 26th!), we made it to North Carolina for Christmas  December 22, 2008
Bday  Kenny's birthday and grandparents visit from North Carolina!  October 27, 2008
September and October  Some trips to the zoo, a houseboat tour, lots of kid picture  September 6, 2008
August  Sleepover, houseboats, and Camp Orkila  August 5, 2008
Fort Flagler  We went on an overnight camping trip to Fort Flagler State Park. Lots of hassle camping with the kids, but worth it.  August 2, 2008
More trips with Natascha  We drove to Mt. St Helens, went to the Google picnic, and took a ferry to Bainbridge Island  July 25, 2008
Natascha  Natascha arrives, day trips around Seattle  July 22, 2008
July  July 4th, beach, Rattlesnake Ridge  July 4, 2008
June  Bike rides with the kids, Fremont fair, Peter's first birthday  June 15, 2008
Germany and Austria  Trip to Germany and Austria  May 12, 2008
Late April  Gasworks Park, Gene Coulton Park, making donuts  April 24, 2008
March  Parks, daycare performance, first haircut  March 1, 2008
February  Kitchen remodel, fun with the kids  January 26, 2008
NYC  Jean and I take a trip to New York City to celebrate my 40th birthday!  January 3, 2008
Christmas  Christmas 2007 with Eric's family in Asheville  December 25, 2007
Cancun  We visit the Blatts in Cancun for Thanksgiving  November 20, 2007
Discovery Park  Taking advantage of a rare sunny day at Discovery Park  November 10, 2007
Early November  Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, Kenny's birthday party  November 3, 2007
October  Bike rides, birthday parties, and Halloween  October 8, 2007
September  Going to birthday parties, visiting Olympia, new scooter  August 30, 2007
Late August  Chocolate factory tour, Google picnic, and Kenny learns to ride his bike!  August 23, 2007
Decatur  Kenny and I take a trip to Decatur Island  August 18, 2007
August  Swinging, fishing, photo shoot  August 10, 2007
July  Summer with a 2 kid family!  July 5, 2007
First days  Our first days home with Peter  July 1, 2007
Peter Milton Vasilik  We were thrilled to have our second son, Peter, on June 28, 2007.  June 28, 2007
June  Generally just hanging out, waiting for baby #2 to be born...  May 28, 2007
May 2007  Snoqualmie Falls, Fort Worden  May 4, 2007
April 2007  Easter, other fun stuff  March 7, 2007
Feb/March 2007  Not many park outings (there was a lot of rain!) but we still managed to have fun.  February 14, 2007
Late January  Out and about, and also a trip to Vancouver  January 16, 2007
First days of 2007  Snow days, experiments, playdates, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum  January 1, 2007
Late 2006  Windstorms, parties, and Christmas!  November 4, 2006
Reminiscing about the Philippines  Eric reminisces about his time in the Philippines in the later 60's and early 80's.  November 2, 2006
Eric attempts to fly, sort of.  Eric builds a camera and video transmitter into an RC plane.  October 1, 2006
Fall 2006  Parties, parks, grandparents visit  September 4, 2006
Asheville  Visiting Eric's parents in Asheville, NC  August 26, 2006
Summer 2006  Enjoying another great summer in Bellevue  July 27, 2006
New camera  Bike ride on Green River Trail in Renton, new canon SD700 Digital ELPH, hike on Naches Peak Loop trail at Mt. Rainier  July 22, 2006
June/July  Fremont Fair, Redmond Derby Days, birthday parties, Fourth of July, Whidbey Island weekend  June 15, 2006
Eric's 41st Birthday  Birthdays, Northwest Folklife Festival, various park outings  May 28, 2006
May 2006  Parks, birthday party, daytrip to Fort Warden, biking  April 22, 2006
April  Kenny gets new toys, storm clouds, parties  April 14, 2006
2Cool RC Plane  Eric builds his 2Cool radio control biplane.  April 9, 2006
February/March  Visiting friends, Charlotte, Bainbridge Island  March 25, 2006
Eric Sells His BMW 540  Eric Sells His 540  March 2, 2006
A day in the life of Kenny  I took lots of photos of Kenny today - trying to pick up the little pieces of life that I normally don't take a picture of.  February 12, 2006
January  Sledding, parks, Portland  January 7, 2006
Caribbean Cruise!  We took a cruise to the Caribbean with Eric's family at Christmas  December 22, 2005
November 2005  Birthday party, snow, having friends over  October 29, 2005
Second Birthday  Kenny's birthday, and his grandparents visit!  October 21, 2005
Early Fall  Birthdays, Pacific Science Center, Kelsey Creek Family Festival  September 21, 2005
Geocaching, and Puyallap  We did some more geocaches, and went to the Puyallap Fair  September 9, 2005
Labor Day weekend  We went to the Zoo, Jetty Island, Geocaching  August 21, 2005
San Juan Island  We took a weekend trip to San Juan Island  August 12, 2005
Lots of P's  Playgrounds, Peps, potty  August 12, 2005
More summer fun  Swimming at local parks, birthday parties, hiking  July 20, 2005
Too much!  Bainbridge Island trip, milk carton derby, kayak trip in Lake Washington, Mercer Island parade, Daven birthday party, Kenny visits the emergency room  July 1, 2005
Fun stuff in June  Cougar Mountain Zoo, Seattle Juggling Festival, Whidbey Island, Bellevue Fire Station  June 12, 2005
Eric's 40th birthday!  We celebrated at our house  June 11, 2005
Mini IFO  Eric builds a modified mini IFO  May 23, 2005
May fun  BBQs, playgrounds, grill  May 16, 2005
Bainbridge Island  A day trip to Bainbridge Island  May 12, 2005
Late April/Early May  A toy vacuum cleaner, birthdays, playdates, swim lessons, etc.  April 23, 2005
Club Med Ixtapa  We took a vacation at the family friendly Club Med Ixtapa, in Mexico  April 16, 2005
April  Vacuum cleaners, dinner out  April 6, 2005
Trainer IFO  Eric builds and flies his Trainer IFO (T-IFO) model airplane.  April 3, 2005
March  Flying the model plane, the Kelsey Creek Park Sheep Shearing festival  March 10, 2005
Eric flys the Tuff-E  Eric flies and crashes his Tuff-E  February 7, 2005
Tuff-E RC Plane  Eric's builds his first electric RC plane.  February 5, 2005
February  Parks, playgrounds, birthdays  February 1, 2005
January  Fun stuff in January - and we got our new camera! (Canon Powershot SD 300)  January 1, 2005
Late December  Haircut, Christmas, etc.  December 13, 2004
Geocaching!  We complete the Mission Impossible II: Cachistan geocache. Warning: spoilers!  December 4, 2004
Early December  Parks, and playdates.  December 2, 2004
November  Housewarming party, Thanksgiving, and various outings  November 4, 2004
Bday and Grandparents  Kenny's first birthday, and a visit from the grandparents  October 9, 2004
Fall  Parks, Puyallap, and playin' around!  September 11, 2004
A day...  A day in the life of Kenny - a great excuse to go nuts taking photos and videos  September 5, 2004
Sunsets  We've seen some beautiful sunsets from our new house  August 28, 2004
Los Angeles  A weekend trip to Los Angeles  August 19, 2004
August  Hanging out in August  August 15, 2004
Parks, Bday, and walking!  Excursions to various parks, Ava's birthday party, and Kenny starts walking!  July 26, 2004
Moving Day!  After more than a year of remodeling, we move into the new house  July 21, 2004
Summer fun  July 4th, Milk Carton Derby  June 28, 2004
Visiting NC  Kenny and I go to visit Eric's parents in Asheville and my mother in Charlotte  June 26, 2004
Late May fun  Kelsey Creek, Folklife Festival, etc.  May 25, 2004
A Day  We decided for no particular reason, to do "A Day in the Life of Kenny" - the kinds of things we do on the average day with Kenny  May 23, 2004
Mother's Day  Mother's Day, and Bellevue Botanical Gardens  May 9, 2004
Hawaii!  Dinarte's birthday bash in Maui, and a side trip to the Big Island  April 14, 2004
Spring Misc.  Jeri wedding, Point Defiance Zoo  April 10, 2004
San Francisco  We take a weekend trip to San Francisco  April 1, 2004
Assorted late March pictures  Short hikes, and some pictures of Kenny  March 21, 2004
Flying with Roger  Roger Weber invites Eric to fly with him around the Seattle area.  March 20, 2004
Early March  Walks and hikes in early March - also Kenny starts solids!  March 7, 2004
Cat show  Eric likes cats, so we checked out a cat show at the Seattle Center  February 28, 2004
Golden Gardens Park  Picnic in the park  February 22, 2004
February  Anna's birthday party, a trip to Bainbridge Island. Okay, so there's a lot of Kenny pictures too - so sue me!  February 4, 2004
San Diego  We took a weekend trip to San Diego  January 31, 2004
January  Photo sessions with Kenny, snow day, a walk at Cougar Mountain State Park, and baby group pictures  January 1, 2004
Christmas 2003  We visit North Carolina for Kenny's first Christmas  December 25, 2003
Rattlesnake Lake  We take an outing with Kenny to Rattlesnake Lake - first time we've used the baby jogger  December 21, 2003
Early December  Posing with Kenny, and an outing to Green Lake  December 20, 2003
Thanksgiving  Ken and Ann Vasilik come for an extended Thanksgiving visit  November 21, 2003
Baby comes home  Our first few days at home with Kenneth  October 30, 2003
First few weeks  Even more pictures of Kenny.  October 30, 2003
Kenneth Alois Vasilik  It's a boy! Our first child is born.  October 26, 2003
Benji and Marina's 1st birthday!  Benji and Marina celebrated their first year of life with lots of cake, friends, and relatives!  October 25, 2003
October 2003  Holly came for a visit with Daven; hanging out with Steve, Ilana, Marina and Benji at Remlinger Farm  October 12, 2003
September 2003  BEA Company picnic, baby showers, trip to Oregon coast, football game, trip to Mt. Rainier  September 6, 2003
Assorted August photos  Happenings in August  August 9, 2003
On Whidbey  We visited the Lucases on Whidbey Island  July 19, 2003
Assorted July photos  Our first time at Derby Days, Max's Birthday party, the Street of Dreams, etc.  July 12, 2003
July 4 weekend  Picnics, parties, fireworks  July 4, 2003
Orcas Island  A weekend trip to Orcas Island - we stayed in a bed and breakfast with an awesome view!  June 28, 2003
We buy a house!  After a long search, we find a house in Somerset.  June 24, 2003
June  Assorted June pictures  June 1, 2003
Memorial Day weekend  Eric's brother Kevin and his girlfriend Petra came for a visit on Memorial Day weekend  May 26, 2003
Arizona  We spend 6 days driving around northern Arizona.  May 8, 2003
Judy and Sally  Judy and Sally were in Seattle for a week, so I went to see them. Sally is so cute! Also went with Steve and Ilana to the semi-annual Mill Creek Garage Sale.  May 1, 2003
New Camera!  We finally got our Canon Elph S400! So far it's been great. Took a walk in Kirkland, hung out with Steve and Ilana and the babies, brunch with Rich and Jane and Ana, then visited an AIA open home.  April 27, 2003
Dinarte's Birthday  Dinarte took some friends out to the Herbfarm restaurant for his birthday. We were camera-less, so these pictures are from Tom and Lisa.  April 19, 2003
Agate hunting  We went agate hunting with Brian Pendleton, at his friends Pat and Shirley's place  April 12, 2003
Robotics competition  We watched robots designed by high school teams from all around the country compete with each other, at the FIRST Robotics competition.  April 5, 2003
Vegas!  We attend Brett and Victoria's 10th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas  March 14, 2003
Gold Show and Green Lake  Went to an exhibition put on by the Washington Prospectors Association in Monroe - very interesting.  March 1, 2003
Whidbey Island  Deception Pass, Fort Casey, Langley  February 23, 2003
February  A bike ride in Renton, then we go crazy taking pictures because we got a new camera (Canon Powershot S45)!  February 1, 2003
Olympic Peninsula  We spent a weekend driving around the Olympic Peninsula, staying overnight at a bed and breakfast in Forks  January 18, 2003
Purple Hearts  Photos from the filming of the movie "Purple Hearts" in the Philippines when Eric was in high school.  January 1, 2003
Christmas 2002  We fly to North Carolina, visiting family in Charlotte and Asheville  December 25, 2002
Xmas parties  Christmas parties at Dinarte and John's place, and with the Chavez family  December 15, 2002
Thanksgiving weekend  Thanksgiving dinner with the Lucases, a walk around Tiger Mountain, etc  November 29, 2002
Pacific Science Center  Seattle Center, and checking out the Pacific Science Center.  November 23, 2002
Brit Milah/Simchat Bat  Steve Blatt and Ilana Long join family and friends in welcoming their twins Benjamin and Marina with a Brit Milah and Simchat Bat celebration.  November 17, 2002
Sleepover and football  Our book club spent the night at the cabin of one of our members, Waleen. Then a football game in Dinarte's box - deluxe!  November 7, 2002
Assorted Fall pictures  A bike trip over I-90, Kelsey Creek Park with Steve and Ilana, and a pumpkin carving party with Angie and Eric.  October 25, 2002
Methow Valley visit  Kristen, Heather and I went to visit Lindsey's place, Skalitude - 160 beautiful, secluded acres in eastern Washington  September 15, 2002
Alois Moestl  My father passed away  September 2, 2002
Whistler weekend  We took a long weekend to go to Whistler with some friends  August 24, 2002
Airstreams and Luis Palau  We check out a vintage Airstream trailer rally in Bellingham, then walked to a religious rally in neighboring Marymoor park.  August 17, 2002
Just Geocaching  Mercer Slough, Sandstone Falls, and a Port Defiance (Tacoma) geocache  August 10, 2002
A 2 bbq weekend!  Blueberry picking, BBQ with Chris and Judy, E. Colton Burd Baby Shower bbq, and more.  August 4, 2002
Gulf Islands  Visit to Victoria, Saltspring Island, Pender and Gabriola Island. Lots of ferries!  July 4, 2002
Seattle Juggling Festival  Juggling, contact juggling, staff spinning, club passing at the Seattle International Juggling Festival  June 29, 2002
Car Camping at Salmon Le Sac  Saturday and Sunday we drove up to Salmon Le Sac to meet some friends for a camping trip. (warning! serious speed trap along the way)  June 22, 2002
Houseboats on Lake Union  Friday evening we went for a kayak trip on Lake Union, and took lots of houseboat pictures.  June 21, 2002
Paragliding and Bellingham  Saturday we took a hike up Tiger Mtn, to Poo-Poo point, where there was a Paragliding Fly-In. Basically, lots and lots of people were paragliding from there. Fun to watch. Sunday we drove up to Bellingham with Soe.  June 1, 2002
Memorial Day with the Lucases  We spent part of the Memorial Day weekend with the Lucases on Whidbey Island.  May 25, 2002
Visiting Judy, Chris, and Sally  I flew to Dover, New Hampshire to visit my friends Chris and Judy, who have a 4 month old baby daughter, Sally (the most adorable baby girl in the world).  May 17, 2002
Miscellaneous May Pictures  We searched for geocaches in John McDonald Memorial Park and St. Edwards State Park. Also canoeing around the Arboretum.  May 5, 2002
Mission Impossible GeoCache  We finally finished the Mission Impossible geocache. Warning - spoilers ahead!  May 1, 2002
Columbia Gorge  Weekend trip along the Columbia River.  April 20, 2002
Geocaching!  After buying a gps receiver, we started finding geocaches.  April 6, 2002
Easter Sunday  We took a hike around Cougar Mountain park, and had a great Easter dinner with friends.  March 31, 2002
Bye bye Tercel  Sold my '93 Toyota Tercel  March 23, 2002
Discovery Park  A sunny day, so we explore Discovery Park  March 17, 2002
Wedding in Hawaii  We got married in Kauai, and also visited Oahu.  February 22, 2002
Wedding Shower  Victoria, Jean and Kelly host my wedding shower (thanks to Elizabeth for the pictures).  February 9, 2002
New Zealand  Eric and Sylvia travel around New Zealand in a camper van.  December 28, 2001
Rainy weekend  Somerset house, hike in Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park  December 1, 2001
Whidbey Thanksgiving  The Lucas family invited us to their Whidbey Island home for Thanksgiving.  November 22, 2001
Meteor Watch!  Eric and Sylvia drive up into the mountains to get the centuries best viewing of the Leonid meteor shower.  November 17, 2001
Seahawks!  We went to the Seahawks/Raiders game with Dinarte Morais  November 11, 2001
John Wayne Bike Trail  Biking from Rattlesnake Lake, near North Bend, to Hall Creek.  November 10, 2001
Canal biking  We took a bike ride, starting at Gasworks Park, going across the canal at the Ballard Locks, then coming back from the South.  November 3, 2001
Fun with friends  Rolling sushi with Hans and Holly, pumpkin carving with the Bultemeiers.  October 26, 2001
Port Orchard  We took the ferry to Southworth, then biked to Port Orchard.  October 20, 2001
Snoqualmie Mtn.  Soe Htun and I try to find our way up Snoqualmie Mtn.  October 4, 2001
Biking the Burke-Gilman  Starting at Sand Point, the Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale, biking back home to Redmond.  September 29, 2001
Space Needle  Checking out the Space Needle and the Seattle Center.  September 23, 2001
Salmon fishing  We went on a charter salmon fishing trip out of Shilshoe Bay Marina  September 22, 2001
Bye-bye pool table  Eric sold his pool table on Ebay.  September 16, 2001
Dinner Train  We take a ride on the Spirit of Washington dinner train.  September 16, 2001
WTC collapse  We found out about the World Trade Center collapse.  September 11, 2001
Whidbey Island drive  We drove to Langley and Fort Casey on Whidbey Island  September 8, 2001
Mt. Rainier  Labor Day weekend hike on Mt. Rainier  September 2, 2001
Kayaking San Juan  Eric and Sylvia go on a three day guided kayak trip around San Juan Island.  August 4, 2001
Bye-bye House  Sylvia sells her house on 15706 NE 56th Way in Redmond.  July 30, 2001
WOMAD  We went to the WOMAD music festival in Marymoor Park. There we met Grace and Gary Burd and their daughter Hannah, and Mei Poon.  July 29, 2001
The Tempest  We watch an outdoor production of the Shakespeare play The Tempest  July 22, 2001
Our Engagement Party  Rod and Shannon Chavez were kind enough to host our engagement part at their beautiful custom-designed home. The best closeups here are from Gary Burd, who just got a new digital camera.  July 21, 2001
Fly to Fry's  Flying with Steve and Roger to visit Fry's electronics in Portland Oregon.  July 15, 2001
Biking with Kristen  Bike ride on Preston Bike Trail with Kristen  July 8, 2001
Festive Saturday  The Seafair Milk Carton Derby at Green Lake, Max Parmacek's birthday, the Heritage Festival at Marymoor.  July 7, 2001
Cherry Picking  Eric and Sylvia join Jean and Kay to go cherry picking in the Yakima Valley  July 1, 2001
Bye bye Maxima  Eric sells his 12 year old Nissan Maxima.  June 25, 2001
Ann's 60th B-Day  Eric and Sylvia travel to North Carolina to surprise Eric's mother on her 60th birthday.  June 23, 2001
Eric Proposes  Eric asks Sylvia to marry him! Sylvia says yes!!  June 15, 2001
Microsoft  Eric and I take a walk around areas at Microsoft where he used to work.  June 10, 2001
Chittenden Locks  Eric and Sylvia visit the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Seattle.  June 3, 2001
Folklife Festival, Picnic  Eric and Sylvia check out the Folklife Festival in Seattle (many hippies) and then have dinner at a Chism Park with The Burds  May 27, 2001
Museum of Flight  Eric and Sylvia visit Seattle's Museum of Flight.  May 19, 2001
RV Expo  The RV Expo at the Puyallap Fairgrounds.  May 12, 2001
Canyon Country  Hiking the canyon country of Southeast Utah  May 3, 2001
Sammamish River Trail  Eric and Sylvia go for a bike ride on the Sammamish River trail.  April 21, 2001
Easter Weekend Outing  TulipFest, Deception Pass, Terry and Sue's Widbey House  April 14, 2001
Madison Park  Walking around the Madison Park Area of Seattle.  April 8, 2001
Alki Point  A walk along the beach to Alki Point.  March 24, 2001
A Tour of the UW  Eric and Sylvia take a FREE tour of the Univeristy of Washington.  March 7, 2001
Panama  Eric and Sylvia spend 2 1/2 weeks touring Panama.  February 16, 2001
Valentine's Day!!  Eric and Sylvia share heart shaped pancakes.  February 14, 2001
Visit to the Beaudette's  Eric and Sylvia visit Chris and Judy Beaudette.  February 9, 2001
Alois' 70th BDay  Sylvia's father celebrates his 70th Birthday.  February 8, 2001
A Walk at Marymoor  Eric and Sylvia walk in Marymoor Park.  February 7, 2001
Paris  Eric and Sylvia go to Paris for a week -- Oooh La La!!  January 28, 2001
Eric gets a goatee  Eric shaves his beard for the first time in about 10 years.  January 18, 2001
Terry's Beach House  Eric visits Terry's new Beach house.  January 17, 2001
Dagny's Birthday  Dagney Layman's 3rd Birthday party with Dominick, Perry and Baby John (and their parents!)  January 14, 2001
January 2001  Misc events in January, 2001.  January 13, 2001
Christmas 2000  Eric and Sylvia visit family in North Carolina for Christmas.  December 24, 2000
Garden d'light  Christmas decorations at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  December 11, 2000
Kelsey Creek Park  A trip to Kelsey Creek Farm and Farm.  December 3, 2000
Crossgain Christmas Party  Eric's new startup company has its first Christmas Party.  December 2, 2000
Vancouver  We spent two days in Vancouver, seeing the sights.  November 25, 2000
Thanksgiving 2000  At Terry and Sue's home, with their family.  November 23, 2000
Woodland Park Zoo  A cold weather trip to Woodland Park Zoo.  November 19, 2000
Grasslawn Park  A walk in Grasslawn Park is an excuse to take some photos.  November 18, 2000
Apple Orchrd Visit  We drove to Eastern Washington, hoping to go apple-picking.  November 12, 2000
Flight to San Juan  A Crossgain company sponsored flight to beautiful San Juan Island.  November 11, 2000
Misc. Pictures  Assorted trips in November including Seahawks football game at Husky Stadium and a hike up Mount Si.  October 28, 2000
Turkey  Eric and Sylvia spent 3 weeks touring Turkey.  October 1, 2000
Lopez Island Juggling  Lopez Island Juggling Festival at Steckler's farm!  Check out the nighttime naked juggling pictures!  September 23, 2000
Burma  I spent about 3 weeks in Burma (currently known as Myanmar) between August 30 and September 18, 2000. It was a fantastic trip, and I took some very extensive notes on my Palm Pilot with keyboard attachment. I also took lots of photos with a Canon Elph digital camera. I hope you enjoy them! Please send any feedback or comments to
  September 6, 2000
Mt. St. Helens  Day trip to Mt. St. Helens.  August 20, 2000
Fort Worden  Fort Worden and Port Townsend.  August 13, 2000
Alaska  Sylvia goes to Alaska with her dad and brother.  August 6, 2000
Seattle  Excursions around Seattle (Chittendon locks, blackberry picking, Boeing Surplus Store).  August 3, 2000
Whistler  Weekend trip to Whistler.  July 29, 2000
San Juan Biking  Bike camping trip to San Juan Island.  July 22, 2000
Snoqualmie River  Hiking the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River.  July 16, 2000
Seattle parks  Out and about in Seattle parks.  July 15, 2000
Grandma, New York  Grandma's 90th birthday! Bright lights, big city--New York!  July 1, 2000
Lake Chelan  A wonderful trip to Stehekin, on Lake Chelan, in the dry eastern part of Washington State!  June 24, 2000
Fremont Parade  Check out the Fremont Solstice Parade and Fair!  June 17, 2000
Sand Castle Contest  Eric's birthday!  And a trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the annual Sand Castle Building Contest.  June 10, 2000
Little Mt. Si Hiking  A hike up Little Mt. Si.  June 4, 2000
Lake Washington  Eric and Sylvia go canoeing on Lake Washington and also go to Greenlake Park.  June 3, 2000
Botanical Gardens  Pictures of flowers at Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  June 2, 2000
Lopez Island  Bike camping on Lopez Island.  May 28, 2000
Pebble Beach  Eric and Sylvia go to Monterrey California with Rich and Nancy Clayton for golf and sightseeing!
  May 13, 2000
San Juan Island  Sylvia and Eric go to San Juan Island.  May 7, 2000
Newcastle Golf Club  Eric and Sylvia go to Newcastle Golf Club for range practice and lunch with Rich and Jane  April 30, 2000
Tiger Mountain  Eric and Sylvia take a hike to the top of Tiger Mountain!  April 29, 2000
Olympic Peninsula  Eric and Sylvia went to the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic Mountains as well as stopping at the beach on the way!  April 22, 2000
Ginko State Park  Eric and Sylvia went to Ginko State Park. They also went across the Columbia river to take a look at the Vantage Horse Sculptures. After that they went to Snoqualmie Falls. Needless to say, it was quite a busy day!  April 15, 2000
Lake Sammamish  Eric and Sylvia go canoeing on Lake Sammamish  April 10, 2000
Bike Ride  Sylvia and Eric's 4th date!  A bike ride on the Sammamish River/Burke Gillman Trails from Marymoor Park to Gasworks  April 8, 2000
Asia Trip  Sylvia Goes to Thailand and Laos.  September 13, 1999