Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1968 In Watertown NY. Hard to believe my brother Tom is a year and a half older.1968

19681968 My brother Tom in Watertown

1968 My brother Tom trying to feed me something.1968 My mother and brothers in Watertown, New York.

1968 With my mother.1968 July

1968 July Me and my brother Tom on the left. Funny that he's 2 years old and I'm 6 months old.1968 August My maternal grandparents

1968 August1968 September


1969 Me and Tom1969 In Watertown, NY. My dad with a goatee!



1969 Spring With my two brothers in Watertown, New York.1969

1969 August1969 August

1969 Christmas. Looks like I was afraid of Santa1970 Me in watertown

1970 I still remember this Raggedy Ann doll.1970 I'm about 3 in this picture. Must be in Watertown, NY.

1970 Me and my brothers.1970

1970 August. Moestl family photo1970? In the sunroom of the house in Watertown.

19701970 My brothers Alex and Tom and I, in Watertown, New York.

1970 My paternal grandparents1971 My brother Tom's 4th birthday

1971 My uncle Fritz came for a visit to Watertown, NY.1971 My brother Tom and I

1971 My brother Tom's 5th birthday.1971 Family shot. From the back, left; cousin Gerhart, aunt Lisl, cousin Claudia, maternal grandfather, mother, uncle Fritz, aunt Elfriede. From the front, left; uncle Erich, brother Tom, cousin Erich, paternal grandfather and grandmother, me, maternal grandmother, uncle Werner.

1971 Another version of this extended family photo1971 April

1971 December1971 February Brother Alex

1971 February1971

1971 September1972 My brother Tom and I in the garden of my aunt Elfriede.

1972 My 4th birthday. I still remember this doll.1972 Taking a bath with my brother Tom

1972? My aunt Elfriede and uncle Werner came for a visit. I think we just found out my grandfather died.1972

19721972 March

1972 May1972

19731973? Me dressed up for Fasching in Austria

1973 December 24 - My sixth birthday1973 My father built this cute cardboard house for us. I remember it very well.

1973? - A kindergarden class excursion to the zoo in Austria.1973? - My friend Esther from across the street.

1973 Childhood friends Kim and Nicki on the left1973? In the tub with Tom


1973 July1973 July: Me dressed in a Fasching costume

1973 Taken in Stadl Paura, Austria1973 Me with my great-aunt Tante Steffi

19731973 Christmas

1973 Tom's first communion1974 First Communion, in Baldwinsville, New York

1974 First Communion. On the driveway of our house in Baldwinsville, NY.1974


1974?1974? Christmas in Austria

19751975? Tom's birthday

1975? Our house in Baldwinsville

1975? My class picture1975 - December 24 - My 8th birthday in Baldwinsville

1975 - In Baldwinsville, NY1975? In NY.

1975? My cat Muschi. She was a great cat.1975? My dad working in the basement of the house in Baldwinsville. He did a lot of renovations there.

1975? My dad made this treehouse for us in the backyard, of leftover boards from our old deck. The rails were of saplings cut from the woods behind our house.1976? Fishing in Cape Cod. We brought home some really big fish

1976? Christmas in Baldwinsville. My father made this dollhouse for me. Later on he made lots of furniture for it as well.1976? At Cape Cod?

1976? Picking apples in NY with th Bottingers1976? My father and brother. It looks like we're about to leave for a flight to Austria.

1976? In Baldwinsville, NY1976

1976 October In Baldwinsville, NY.1976