Old Family photos

Sylvia's old family photos

1900 My paternal grandmother's mother, Lilli Schoepl.1900 The back of the above.

Undated - She was also known as Caezilie Weinhaeupl (Schoeppl was the maiden name)1901 My paternal great-grandparents, with their family and servants. From right to left, Luise, Josef Weinhaupl (great-grandfather), Berta, Caecillia (my grandmother), my great-grandmother, an unknown son, Josef. They're in front of the Weinhaupl bakery, in Altheim, Austria. He was a baker and also a furrier.

1908 My mother's grandparents1909 The mother of my paternal grandfather

1909 The backside of the above photo.1910? My mother's maternal grandfather

1912 Caecilia and Luise Weinhaeupl (my paternal grandmother, on the right, and her sister)

1912 ? Caecilia Weinhaeupl, 1894 - 19721912? My mother's maternal grandparents

1916 My paternal grandmother, Caecillia (Weinhaupl) Moestl at about age 231919 My paternal grandmother. On the back it says "Andenken von Schw. Cilli!"

1929 My paternal grandmother, with aunt Elfriede and uncle Eric. My father hasn't been born yet.1930 My father's grandfather, Josef Weinhaupl.

1930? My great, great grandmother. She died in 19331931 My father, 10 months old

1931? My father, with his mother.1931 Caecilia Leblhuber, my grandmother

1932 My aunt Elfriede at about age 41934 February My father

1935? My maternal grandfather, on the left1936 My father, around age 5

1936 From left to right, my uncle Erich, Aunt Elfriede, and father1936 My mother with her father.

1936 My maternal grandfather in his policeman's uniform.1936 June My father

1936 My paternal grandfather, Alois Moestl. He was 47 years old then.1937? My father (bottom left) with friends and family. Uncle Eric top left, Aunt Elfriede second from right.

1937? My father with his siblings. Don't know who's on the right.1937? My father

1938 My father with his school class on an outing to Burghausen. He's in the front right1939 My mother, on her first day of school

1940 ? The house my father was born in, before extensive renovation.1940 My paternal grandmother, sometime in the 1940s

1940 My father, 9 years old in the back yard1940 My paternal grandfather, 51 years old

1940 My mother's maternal grandmother1940 My mother going skating on the Donau, in Vienna

1940 My mother with her mother, Kahlenberg, near Vienna1942 My father, 11 years old

1944 My father is on the right.1945 My father, with his Godmother when he was being confirmed

1947? My father with his good friend Stockinger, next to a shelter on top of some mountain (Gimonihuette?)1948 My father with a woman in Burgstall, some property that his father owned.

1949 July1949

1949 February - My father on the left, his friend Stockinger next to him. In the Tauern mountains.1949 July My father is on the left.

1949? My father in the back, head next to the blackboard. He was in training as a mechanic for a while.1950 March 12

1950? A postcard of Altheim, Austria, the town my dad was born in.1950 April - My uncle Erich and aunt Lisl on their wedding day

1952 Class excursion. My father is on the far right. A bridge in Steyr1952? My father is on the far left of the right table.

1952 Fall excursion with his class.1953 My father front right. He was on a class excursion to Vienna.

1954 February 6 - Fasching. Blue-white night ball at Casino Steyr1954 February 13, Fasching - Masked ball at Muenichholz

1954 February 27 Pirate Ball1954 February 27 Pirate Ball

1954 "Fasching - Ball d. Bundesgewerbeschule, Casino Steyr, 5. Feb. 1954"1954 My dad.

1955 My mother1955 My grandfather, on the right, as a police officer

1956 My father in Austria, before emigrating to Canada1955 My aunt Elfriede

1957 My parent's wedding. From left to right, paternal grandfather, mother, maternal grandfather, father, paternal grandmother, uncle Fritz, unknown woman, maternal grandmother. Women didn't wear wedding gowns in Austria at the time, but it looks like my father is wearing gloves.1957 My parents at their marriage.


1957 July Leaving Austria to go to Canada. From the left, my maternal grandfather, my uncle Fritz, unknown woman, my aunt Elfriede, maternal grandmother, unknown person, my mother (half visible)1957 My mother on the left, her parents and brother, and my mother's grandfather Leopold Kronberger.

1957 My father, on the boat "Seven Seas" headed to Montreal.1958 My father's birthplace in Altheim, Austria.

1959 My father in Cape Cod, Massachusets.1959 My parents in Montreal, Canada

1961 Beloit, Wisconson.1961 My father and brother Alex in Wisconson

1962 Beloit, Wisconson1962 My dad shoveling snow in Watertown, New York

1962 My paternal grandparents, Alois and Caecillia Moestl, on the Gossausee, Austria1963 My father and mother and brother Alex.

1963 Our house in Watertown. We were in the right half of the duplex.1964 My father and Alex after his bad car accident

19651966 August 25 My aunt Elfriede's wedding, at schloss Mirabell, Salzburg

1967 My mother and brothers before I was born.1967 Fall. Before I was born.

1967 Me as a newborn. My mom looks exhausted.1968 Me, almost newborn.

1968 January1968 March. In Watertown, New York.

1968 March: My father holding me.1968 March

1968 March1968 March

1968 Me, a couple months old, and my brother Tom.1968

1968 In Watertown NY. Hard to believe my brother Tom is a year and a half older.1968

19681968 My brother Tom in Watertown

1968 My brother Tom trying to feed me something.1968 My mother and brothers in Watertown, New York.

1968 With my mother.1968 July

1968 July Me and my brother Tom on the left. Funny that he's 2 years old and I'm 6 months old.1968 August My maternal grandparents

1968 August1968 September


1969 Me and Tom1969 In Watertown, NY. My dad with a goatee!



1969 Spring With my two brothers in Watertown, New York.1969

1969 August1969 August

1969 Christmas. Looks like I was afraid of Santa1970 Me in watertown

1970 I still remember this Raggedy Ann doll.1970 I'm about 3 in this picture. Must be in Watertown, NY.

1970 Me and my brothers.1970

1970 August. Moestl family photo1970? In the sunroom of the house in Watertown.

19701970 My brothers Alex and Tom and I, in Watertown, New York.

1970 My paternal grandparents1971 My brother Tom's 4th birthday

1971 My uncle Fritz came for a visit to Watertown, NY.1971 My brother Tom and I

1971 My brother Tom's 5th birthday.1971 Family shot. From the back, left; cousin Gerhart, aunt Lisl, cousin Claudia, maternal grandfather, mother, uncle Fritz, aunt Elfriede. From the front, left; uncle Erich, brother Tom, cousin Erich, paternal grandfather and grandmother, me, maternal grandmother, uncle Werner.

1971 Another version of this extended family photo1971 April

1971 December1971 February Brother Alex

1971 February1971

1971 September1972 My brother Tom and I in the garden of my aunt Elfriede.

1972 My 4th birthday. I still remember this doll.1972 Taking a bath with my brother Tom

1972? My aunt Elfriede and uncle Werner came for a visit. I think we just found out my grandfather died.1972

19721972 March

1972 May1972

19731973? Me dressed up for Fasching in Austria

1973 December 24 - My sixth birthday1973 My father built this cute cardboard house for us. I remember it very well.

1973? - A kindergarden class excursion to the zoo in Austria.1973? - My friend Esther from across the street.

1973 Childhood friends Kim and Nicki on the left1973? In the tub with Tom


1973 July1973 July: Me dressed in a Fasching costume

1973 Taken in Stadl Paura, Austria1973 Me with my great-aunt Tante Steffi

19731973 Christmas

1973 Tom's first communion1974 First Communion, in Baldwinsville, New York

1974 First Communion. On the driveway of our house in Baldwinsville, NY.1974


1974?1974? Christmas in Austria

19751975? Tom's birthday

1975? Our house in Baldwinsville

1975? My class picture1975 - December 24 - My 8th birthday in Baldwinsville

1975 - In Baldwinsville, NY1975? In NY.

1975? My cat Muschi. She was a great cat.1975? My dad working in the basement of the house in Baldwinsville. He did a lot of renovations there.

1975? My dad made this treehouse for us in the backyard, of leftover boards from our old deck. The rails were of saplings cut from the woods behind our house.1976? Fishing in Cape Cod. We brought home some really big fish

1976? Christmas in Baldwinsville. My father made this dollhouse for me. Later on he made lots of furniture for it as well.1976? At Cape Cod?

1976? Picking apples in NY with th Bottingers1976? My father and brother. It looks like we're about to leave for a flight to Austria.

1976? In Baldwinsville, NY1976

1976 October In Baldwinsville, NY.1976

1976? With my cat Muschi1976 At the beach...probably Cape Cod.

1976 With my family at Niagra Falls1977 My maternal grandparents in Stadl Paura

1977 June - In my aunt and uncles garden in Altheim1977? My birthday in Charlotte

1977? At Freedom park in Charlotte.1978? My cousins Claudia and Gerhard came for a visit, then toured the US with my brother Alex.

1978? At Myrtle Beach1978 Before building the addition on the house in Charlotte, NC.

1978? Next door neighbors Mark and Randy Arthur.1978? At a park in Charlotte

1978 Carowinds theme park in South Carolina. My brother Tom had just broken his arm the previous day.1979 Carowinds.

1978 Carowinds theme park.1978

1978 My 6th grade class in Charlotte, North Carolina1978 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1979 My mother and brothers in Cape Hatteras1979 With my maternal grandparents, my brother Tom, and our first Muschi

1979 July My maternal grandparents in Stadl Paura. He had pancreatic cancer at the time.1979 August - on the Wolfgangsee

1979? Freedom park in Charlotte1979? With my friend Heidi and brother Tom. Goofily dressed in double plaids, with braces.

1979? My father1979? My father with tante Annie

1979? My father with my mother's father.1979?

1979? At aunt Elfriede's house in Austria, after fishing in Burgstall1979? A park in Charlotte. My grandmother came for a visit.

1979 August - Bleckwand, looking through to the Wolfgangsee.1979? My uncle Fritz came for a visit. We're at Myrtle Beach.

1979? Alex's motorcycle1980 Maternal grandmother with my parents

1980? Wolfram went with us to Myrtle Beach this summer1980

1980 July. Me with my grandfather.1980 Me with my mother and grandmother

1980? On a mini-racetrack at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina1981 ?

1981 My father, mother, and two brothers in Charlotte, North Carolina1981 August Weissbriach Lungau. I have strong memories of splashing in this very cold but beautiful little stream.

1981 San Marino, Italy. On vacation with my aunt and uncle.1981 With my mother, brother, and grandmother at a park close to Charlotte.

1981? Watching tv in the downstairs living room in Charlotte.1981? My dad in the garden in Charlotte.

1981 Shooting in the garden in Austria1981 Looking down to the Wolfgangsee.

1981 Zwieselalm1981 ZwizelAlm, Gossausee/Dachstein area, Austria

1981 August - Schloss Schoenbrunn, Vienna1981 August - With my aunt Elfriede

1981 August - Mauterndorf1981 August - Weissenbachtal

1981 September - Venice, Plaza San Marcos1981 September - Looking down toward the Wolfgangsee

1982? I made a drawing of my dad.1982

1982 Myrtle Beach1982 Myrtle Beach

1982 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina1983? My dad with my brother Tom's camero

1983? Christmas in Charlotte1983 August. With my aunt and uncle on vacation in Milano Maritimo, Italy.

1983 December. My first birthday party.1983 June. My father and aunt Elfriede.

1983 March1983

1983 June - Hochkoenig area, Salzburg1983

1983 With my maternal grandmother and aunt Elfriede1983 August - Milano Maritimo, in Italy

1984 July1984 July - Aggstein an der Donau, with my aunt Elfriede

1984 August - View towards Innsbruck

1984 August - 3 Zinnen, South Tirol (Italy)

19841985 ?

1985 June Graduating from high school1985 May. With my father at the outer banks.

1985? My dad in Charlotte. This magnolia tree is huge now.1985? My father and Tom visited our friends the Trummers in Virginia

1985? My friend Heidi is on the left1985? Helping my dad with his handle and knob importing business at a furniture show.

1986 July - Roman ruins close to the Austrian border with Hungary1986 Along highway 1 in California. My dad and I visited Alex in San Francisco that Christmas.

1987 ?? My dad and I in Charlotte.

1988 January - On a hunting stand1988 January - Hausruckwald

1988 August - My aunt Elfriede wanted me to try on her wedding dress.1988 August - At a ruin in Muehlviertel, Austria

1988 August - Near Gmunden, Traunstein in the background1988 August - Schloegener Schlinge/Donau

1988 Visiting relatives in Austria on my way to do a spring semester abroad in Seville, Spain.1990 September. My aunt Elfriede, niece Natasha, cousin Gerhard, and his two sons Florian and Patrick.

1992 June. Niece Natasha at aunt Elfriede's place in Altheim.1992 March. Some of my Austrian relatives came for a visit. From the right, my uncle Werner, my aunt Elfriede, my uncle Erich, my dad, my aunt Lisl, my brother Tom, and his ex-girlfriend Dylan.

1992 My father with his two siblings, Elfriede and Erich, in Charlotte.1992 My dad in Florida. He was on a trip with relatives from Austria.

1992 My dad and aunt in the kitchen of the house in Charlotte1992? My niece Natascha in Austria, in my aunt Elfriede's garden

1993 December. Just before going out to the Microsoft Christmas Party in Charlotte, NC.1993 My brother Tom, about to take a trip.

1994 July My aunt Elfriede at the Weinhaupl's place.1994 My dad at Uncle Erich's place in Salzburg.

1994? In the mountains of North Carolina1995 June. From the left cousins's wife Uli, aunt Lisl, cousin Claudia, uncle Werner, second cousin Marcus, niece Natasha, aunt Elfriede, brother Alex, and uncle Carli

1996 My uncle Werner and aunt Elfriede1996 October. Werfen, near Salzburg Austria. From left cousin Claudia, dad, aunt Elfriede, aunt Lisl, uncle Erich

1996 Sept My father and aunt Elfriede1997 October Visiting Austria for 2 weeks, the first time in 10 years. Picked up at the airport in Salzburg

1997 Austria.1997 Austria. From left to right, me, my cousin Claudia, my aunt Lisl, my uncle Eric, my cousin's son Patrick, my father Alois, and my cousin Gerhard.

1997? My father with Alex and Andrea1997? My dad with Alex, Natascha, Andrea, and Tom, on the coast of North Carolina.

19971998 My brother Alex with his daughter Natasha.

1998 At the Microsoft Redwest Campus.1998? My dad in Austria with his relatives

1998? My father visiting me in Seattle.1998 August. With dad in Maui.

1998 July. My father at aunt Elfriede's house in Altheim, Austria1999 My dad and I at the house on 15706 NE 56th St., in Redmond Washington

2000? In Charlotte with my dad and brother Alex.2000 My brother Tom and I, with Dad in Alaska, at a bed and breakfast.

2001? Christmas in Charlotte2002 My father visiting Eric's parents in Ashville, NC. This is at the Biltmore Estate.