Lee's Ferry, Bryce Canyon, Tarantula, Eclipse, Japanese Students

Another warm showers guest - Jocelyn, from QuebecCool rock formation outside of Santa Clara, I tried getting to it but was foiled

Hellhole CanyonTook a tour of the renovated St George Temple with Sandy and Dave

Bryce Canyon

Lee's Ferry Kayak trip, this is at Glen CanyonEarl and Debi

Petroglyphs along the way

Me and my OruKayakAmazing huge cliffs on both sides

I bundled up against the sun, no sunscreen needed!A tarantula crossing the street in our neighborhood

A cute old house in ToquervilleShinobe Kibe, from the air

Celeste, at the petroglyph close to the saddle at Black RidgeShinobe Kibe, from Black Ridge

Peter at his Jazz concert

Another visit to the St George TempleA hike to the Warner Valley area with the Outback hiking group

Scott, Anna, and the family visited on their tour down to Sedona and back

We went to the New Harmony Apple Festival, bought some apples, and also viewed the eclipseShadows look very weird when there's an eclipse

Yummy applesSleep on dear babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, he thought it best. From the New Harmony cemetary

At the Red Mountain Overlook. Geat views of Snow Canyon

We went to the Dixie Tech car show with our Japanese homestay students.

At the Anasazi trail

Snow Canyon areaI thought this looked a lot like the Sphinx

At Jenny's canyon

Turns out the palm in our front yard has edible fruitKenny's birthday cake. Forgot to take a video of Kenny!

Another warm showers guest - Moi, from HawaiiOn Shinobe Kibe, with Eric