Valley of Fire, etc

Valley of Fire, Snow Canyon, actual snow accumulation

A hike with the Red Rock Hiking meetup group, to the birthing cave

The sightseeing balloons sometimes get pretty close

A hike in the Babylon Arch area with the Red Rock hiking groupLots of petrified wood

There was an insane amount of mud that stuck to our shoes.Web Hill with Peter

Another hike to Valley of Fire with the Red Rock hiking groupLots of very interesting rocks

And John Gallant himself...Another hike, same group, Padre Canyon into Snow Canyon State Park

Look at the black rock, sliding across

Some amazing views into the main part of Snow Canyon

Western movie night at Steve's.

Wow - some snow accumulationA solo hike on Temple Quarry trail

In the Turtle Wall area - looks like old wagons may have made these ruts?