Gold Butte

Another spectacular hike with John and the Red Rock Hiking group

A hike in the Gold Butte National Monument area, with John and the Red Rock Hiking Meetup group. Lots of very spectacular vistas and geological features.The sand dunes were frozen, and much easier to walk on. Unless you expected to sink down, in which case you'd fall (a couple people did).

Lots of petroglyphsFascinating little natural pillar of rock

And another...Echinocactus polycephalus

Barrel cactusThe UFO landing pad, where we had lunch

This cactus seemed very similar to prickly pear, but towards the base, the spines got almost hair-like.More petroglyphs

Beautiful sand dunes

These "sticks" of sandstone were emerging from the base rock, and could be picked up

The Little Finland area

A area with water springs

A water glyph?