Late Fall

Enjoying some hikes in late fall

Our Japanese exchange students, Taito and Takuya, about Peter's age. They stayed with us for a week.The T-Rex head, at the Anasazi Trail

A hike around the Square Top area, with John and the Red Rock Hiking Meetup group. First tarantula I've ever seen in the wild!

Lots of stops to examine petroglyphs

Managese dendrite

This looked very much like a mountain lion print

A the triathlon - Peter is helping hand out water

There's a lot of enthusiastic community support

At Scout Cave, in Snow Canyon State Park

Peter making pierogiAt the Vortex. Normally there would be very few people here, but this is from a group hike.

Great place to have lunch

Square Top Mountain off in the distance

Rock sculptures

An old stone building (school?) on the Paiute reservationOn the way to Santa Monica

At the AirBnB. Not bad except - very unexpectedly - an outdoor shower! And it was NOT warm out in the morning.The Getty museum

In Santa MonicaLots of shuttered businesses in the main strip

Close to Las Vegas, this funky solar plant uses mirrors to boil salt, which then generates power. Or something along those lines.I went on this bike ride to the Glitter Mine (selenite). I had a bike with narrower tires, and it was not easy for me!

A hike in the Babylon area.

Dinosaur tracks!

At Fort Pearce