Visiting Flagstaff

On the way to Flagstaff, we stopped in Hildale, famous for being the headquarters of the FLDS - Fundamentalist Later Day Saints. This looks like an abandoned schoolAt Lee's Ferry Recreation Area, a gem of a park

So much cooler in the shade!

The Columbia River, seen from the Navaho BridgeMeteor Crater

This cat was very friendly, and came into our AirBnB whenever the door was openWe saw sandbags everywhere in Flagstaff. Apparently it's the beginning of monsoon season, and there's lots of flooding. We were lucky to miss it.

On the Arizona Trail, at Picture Canyon. I was a little disappointed in this area -not much to see. The petroglyphs were very sparse and uninteresting, not to mention behind chains.At the Flagstaff library. They had a big homeless problem there.

We rented bikes and biked towards eastern Flagstaff.At the Riordan Manion in Flagstaff.

The house was interesting (though I'm not a fan of the Arts and Crafts style) but our guide was very patronizing. "Put your hands by your side and waddle like penguins, so you don't step off the carpet or touch anything!". Sheesh.

Our kitty drinking some milk