St. George and move

Visiting St George, and the move there

We took a spring break visit to St George. Here's the same shot, but from 2017 -We toured some homes in the Parade of Homes

The new temple is under constructionA private airstrip community, around Hurricane.

An old home, in the process of being demolished, close to the old airstripAt the Dixie Technical College, their diesel mechanic program

Great views from the old airport

Pickleball courts are everywhere hereAround Pioneer Park

We watched the musical 9 to 5, at the Electric Theater

A home we looked at, with some great viewsDinosaur tracks close to the water tower

At Brigham Young Winter HomeA program at St Monica

The trail along Coal Creek - starting to wash out

Walking between Golden Garden and Carkeek Park at low tide

We chatted with a guy who hunts for old coins and other metalsGreat views of Seattle with some interesting clouds

Our neighbor Dave over for dinnerSome things we sold before moving - the guest room set

Loveweat in Peter's roomThis is a memorabilia photo - my old mug, from when I worked at Microsoft Access

Wow! Lots of boxes, ready to go onto the moving truckPrepping to move the furniture

The master bedroom, now emptyAnother view from the Bellevue home

Visiting with Rimma's and Doug's family in Boise, Idaho, on the way to St George, Utah

The kitchen in our rental home. It was quite dark.Our new home in St George.

Our Bellevue home, staged for sale. Looks great!

Globe Mallow

At Dino Cliffs, just north of St GeorgeAt a celtic festival in St George. Around this time there were zero festivals happening in the Seattle area.

Kenny and I went to Litlte Valley to play pickleball, but all the courts were taken up by the Red Rocks tournament. Really fun to watch, though.The top ranked womens doubles players in the world

At a car show in HurricaneLove the old trailers!

At the Jacob Hamlin house

Thunder Junction parkPhacelia, on the hike up to Shinobe Kibe

The aviation arrow at the top

Saw my first Utah rattlesnake!Biking along the Virgin River trail. It's hard to see, but there's a huge swarm of bees right in front of Peter.

Some petroglyphs at the Anasazi Trails

At the county fair there was a great science show

Chewing on dried ice makes you breath liek a dragonAt Little Black Mountain petroglyph site

Lots of chalk in the cliff

Cholla cactusAt Snow Canyon

Butterfly rock with Kenny

A solo hike along the Temple Quarry trailOur new home, with a hot air balloon in the background

Gary, next to the new Juanita Brooks statue. Juanita Brooks was a local historian and prolific authorAt the Washington Cotton Day Festival parade. Lots of candy was thrown

Gary got a picture of this fox in our back yard. So far I haven't seen one again.I was a volunteer at the Ironman Triathlon. I helped tracked times, at the T2 (Transition Two, between bikes and running)

Kenny found an arrowhead!

Our old couch in Bellevue, up for saleWith the Historical Society - field trip to New Harmony.

On another solo hike, this time to Yellow KnollsA historical re-enactment at the courthouse

CliffroseHot air balloon flying over our house

A solo bike ride up the Virgin River trailAnother rattlesnake! This one around the Dino Cliffs area, on a hike with the St George Short Morning Hikes meetup group

Another hike with the meetup group, on Webb Hill

This cool rock jutts out into spaceA visit from my friend Jean. This is in Snow Canyon

It looks like there's a trail leaving up into the cliffs, but I think it's just a natural feature (I tried getting to it, and doesn't look possible to follow)

Peter, at Piano Camp at Dixie State UniversityJax

Me, on top of Webb hillCreosote bush

Hiked up to Petroglyph Cave up Rainbow Canyon. They're hard to see, but there's some petroglyphs scratched into the stone above the caveIn Cedar City, at the historical museum

Peter's birthday!

At the Red Mountain trail, overlook to Snow Canyon. This hike was with the meetup group.Visiting Pine Valley to beat the heat. The road entering town was lined with flags

July 4th parade in St George