Early 2021

Snowstorms, hiking at Frenchman's Coulee, Aldermarsh yoga retreat, Twin Falls Idaho, a new kayak.

Anti-lockdown rally in OlympiaBilly's cafe

With Lyucy at Frenchman's Coulee

This lady has a "pandemic bubble" business at Gene Coulon park, you can rent her things to have an "outdoor" picnic.

At the University of WashingtonSnowshoeing (actually didn't need snowshoes ) around Gold Creek

Chambers Bay Golf Course

A rally in OlympiaFixing the back of my trail running shoes

A snowstorm - heavy snow, almost a foot!

The kids build a snow fort!

Eric visited Asheville. Heidi gets her nails trimmed

A trip to Anacortes

I played the ukulele at Bellevue Downtown ParkAt the yoga retreat at Aldermarsh

Taking a hike...The path to the yoga center was along this path, lots of skunk cabbage

The sauna

Daphne Odora - smells so sweet!

The retreat house was very well maintained, still had all its old fixtures (windows, etc), probably from about the 40's or 50'sA portrait of Peter

Along Newport Shores - a water exercise bikeThis house looks like it hasn't been lived in for a while

Egg huntAnother egg hunt

In old downtown Twin Falls - an old gas stationCrater of the Moon National Monument

Peter made this snowball...more like a dessert roll, picking up rocks as it went

A tree mold - the lava solidified around a tree, and you can see the pattern of the bark

Interesting rocks

The Snake River at Twin Falls

Perrine BridgeI. B. Perrine, credited as the founder of Twin Falls and other towns in the Magic Valley region.

At City of Rocks state park

Rock clevage.

We had a great lunch, perched up among the rocks

Shoshone Falls

The ramp that Evel Knieval rocketed off, in 1974, trying to reach the other side of Snake River.On top of the ramp

At the Minidoka internment site, where Japanese people were interned during WWII, close to Twin Falls

The root cellar that they built

The walls are braced against the wind

Lenticular clouds off Mt RainierMy new orukayak

At our Green Lake walk - a tug-of-war game

My new Oru Kayak, in the water