Fall pictures

Various events in fall, including a trip to Salt Lake City

At the Culp rally in downtown Bellevue. This is where I first met some people who were against the "New Normal"Beautiful clouds

At Mangusen Park

Met a German guy there who had a very interesting electric hydrofoil surfboard type device

Roger and Sandra brought their foster baby over for a visit

Kenny is 17!Antifa protesting in Bellevue. They're shouting "Fire, Fire, Gentrifier". ?

I found a location on the map where some ships had been sunk. It looked like it was accessible to the public, but the owners came and chased us off.With Jean, celebrating a big event!

At Temple Square, in Salt Lake CIty. Everything was closed.At the Great Salt Lake State Park

A hike up the Living Room Trail. So named because at the end, there's "furniture" made out of rock slabs, that you can sit on.

At "This Is The Place" heritage park, in Salt Lake CIty.

This could have been some kind of punishment cage, right outside the blacksmith shop.

In Olympia

Antifa, in OlympaPeter, playing his piece for the school Christmas play

We drove out to the national forest area, up on I-90. Lots of abandoned RVs out there.

At Spiffy'sThe "field hospital", around Eastgate. Never used, now they're calling it a "construction site".