Some May/June pics

Various excursions around the area, also looting pictures from Bellevue Square

Frisbee golf at Seatac. Unfortunately our frisbees were very bad....Biking the Iron Horse trail - Snoqualmie Tunnel. Freezing cold in the tunnel!

Kayaking the Sammamish River with Jean.

Ilana, close-up with bald eagleFear of rioting and looting - the Walmart at Factoria was closed and the entry blocked with piles of mulch, etc,

Target was blocked with rows of shopping cartsThe next morning, people were at Bellevue Square, trying to clean up grafitti

...and cleaning up shards of glassThis cigar shop was completely and utterly looted, everything was on the floor.

Mod pizza boarded upRobbins Jewelry on Bellevue Way, all smashed up. We talked to the manager, apparently all the good stuff was in the vault.

People waiting in line, the next day, at the gun shopBoarding up stores

On Bellevue Way

A shop owner picking out ornamental rocks from the walk in front of his place, for fear they would be used to break his windowsBoarding up the West Elm

The Costco in Kirkland, barricaded by shopping cartsBoarded up stores in Kirkland

Racoons getting frisky on the back patio

On the Coal Mines trail, in Cle ElemOur first visit to Meadowdale Beach Park

A summer camp - Beach Camp at Sunset Bay. Kenny and I walked around it - it didn't look like it was about to open up anytime soon.

Peter boiled some sugar to make candy. It had a nice, caramel flavorEric's birthday - our first meal at a restaurant in months

A walk around Ruston Way in Tacoma.Lots of interesting old ruins there, mostly from old lumber mills