Spring 2020

More coronavirus lockdown, biking, kayaking

Egg hunt on Easter SundayOn the southern end of the Cedar River trail - our first time there

On the East Lake Sammamish trail - some very nice houses and lawnsSkinny house, to fit the property

My first time making flatbread

Woodpecker on my bird feederOn the Snoqualmie River Trail, further north than the first time

At Tanner Landing parkFirst trip in the new Orukayak, launched from the Mercer Island Boat Ramp. I got a ticket!

Some beautiful waterfront houses

Police at the Starbucks parking lot, 148th and Main. "Social distancing"A bike ride to Mercer Island, the "lid" park

Cherry blossum snowfall, at Newport Shores

Picking up trash with Jean at the Larson Lake park

Launching from Gene Coulon parkThe Boeing plant

At Coal CreekRemnants of the water sluice that was used to help process the coal

Hiking down to Honey Dew Creek. A treehouse along the way

We found a geocache

An old car crashKayaking with Jean at Phantom Lake

Vitamin d

Back at coal creek - another historical artifact, have no idea what it wasKenny was given this boxing equipment by someone on NextDoor (everything online was back-ordered)

With air travel so low, Eric lands at the SeaTac airport, his first Class "B" landing!Walking at Bellevue Downtown Park

With Wendy at Bellevue Botanical GardeDutch Baby

Planting raspberriesWith Jean at Kelsey Creek Park

On Fox Island, in my new folding kayak

Beautiful houses very close to the sand spitThese fish were literally wiggling out of the sand, at low tide

Another bike ride on the Green River trail

A pallet warehouse

Visiting with Ram

Kenny wanted some good photos for his Survivor application