Winter and early spring 2020

Palm Springs, snowshoeing, and the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown

Kenny's learning to drive!Kayaking with Ilana at Bandera airstrip

I made these snowflakes in the laser cutter at the Bellevue Library (from downloaded files).Visiting Keith and Chris in Palm Springs, with Jean. I haven't been in a convertible in a long time!

Hiking up to Oswit Canyon

Larson Lake trail, flooded

Green River Trail, also floodedOur neighbor Dave, over for a birthday dinner.

Snowshoeing with JeanAt the Tolt River

Biking on the Snoqualmie Valley TrailAt Fort Townsend Historical State Park

The Torpedo Tower. Enemy torpedos were actually x-rayed in the Torpedo Tower

A cliff-top house in Port Townsend, owned by the son of a friend of Eric'sThe same house, from below

At Fort Warden

This truck-top camper looked interesting.

Walk at Lewis Creek park

"Home-school" in the living roomIn the Coal Creek area, a little landslide

My Aerogarden"Washing" the groceries we purchased. We got over this level of paranoia pretty quickly

Peter made a monster battle-ax out of legosNettles become...

Nettle soupSkunk cabbage at the Mercer Slough trail

I went back to the Mercer Slough trail the next day to try to improve some of the muddy areas. Not very successfulTwo huge hospital/isolation tents, next to the Humane Society. Were not used at all.

My second try at the no-knead bread. It was okay, but I didn't have parchment paper and used tin foil, which took me forever to pick off the bread.Taking a walk with the kids at Vuecrest

People "social distancing" at the Target in RentonFinally, my no-knead bread turns out well

Biking the Green River trailA yurt/teepee manufacturing place?

A walk around the Beaux Arts areaThis mid-century house looks deserted

A lamp...grown into a treeMy new Orukayak, assembled in the front yard. It's so much easier to assemble!

The Soos Creek Trail

I considered our use essential