Christmas in North Carolina

We spend Christmas visiting family in North Carolina

Flying over the midwest - each little square of land has a building on it.At the greenway close to my mom's house

Walking around the neighborhood I used to live in - Olde Providence. Many houses have swings in front.Kenny and Ben

Natascha and kidsConrad and Kenny - Conrad has his trebuchet

Ann made some Christmas treats, incluidng poppyseed cake

At Hemlock Bluffs Nature PreserveChristmas Eve

An interesting sculpted tree branch along the wayA walk to Macedonia Lake

Sylvia's birthday - homemade carrot cake!Peter with Rossi

At Galloway RidgeAt Fort Moultrie

Our AirBnB in Charleston. I was not impressed - not clean.

This is a bench on the front porch. Filthy.At the market - I didn't realize how long it was!

At the Waterfront Park in Charleston

The area just around there - basically the old town of Charleston - is very beautiful.People decorate their houses very nicely.

The grape myrtle root seems to not lift up sidewalks so much as ooze out of them cracks.

Interesting benchAt the Charles Towne Landing Historical Site. There was a reproduction of the old boats that were used to transport supplies

Kenny was really hoping to see alligators, but apparently they're hibernating.An orange tree with ripe oranges. Or - were they ripe? They were orange in color, but quite sour.