Assorted fall pictures

Choir concerts, visits with friends, etc

Interesting mushroom at Cougar Mountain state parkWe have a plague of rabits. They all seem to use our paved entryway as a bathroom. Not the grass, the entryway.

Peter singing in his choir

Kenny turns 16!Kenny and Caleb got quite a haul at Halloween

Saw this guy with a new hovercraft at Gene Coulon parkBrunch with a friend

With Cherie in Leavenworth

Poo-poo point with Ilana

Peter had a fancy hat for his choir concert

The local LDS temple had a Messiah sing along which I sang at.

The Somerset Chorale that I belong to had a concert

The alto sectionLast year, Kenny was a drummer in Snowflake Lane. This year we didn't do it, but we checked it out anyway.

Our book club holiday meetingJapanese biker Ryo stayed with us overnight through the website Warmshowers. He had some interesting stories to tell!