Pacific Crest Trail hike

Gary and I hike from White Pass to Chinook Pass

Startng out at White Pass

Interesting mat of grasses in a pond

2,300 miles hiked (from the southern end of the trail)Gary's tarp

Interesting fungus

We saw this a lot - the trail was elevated, via logs on both sides

I wasn't able to identify this plant...My tent at the second campsite

Finally starting to clear up a little bit

A very narrow but scary looking landslide that the trail crossed

This hiker had an interesting method of attaching his water bottle to his shoulder strap via elastic bands

A bear off in the distance

Washing up at Dewey LakeSome nice views of Rainier

Shoes finally get a chance to dry!

"Trail angels" at Chinook pass - this couple drives up here frequently to give food to thru-hikers. They offered peaches and muffins, among other goodies. We didn't partake, since we weren't thru-hikers.Chinook pass and the end of the trail for us