Late fall 2018

Visiting with Brian, etc

With Eric's brother Brian at the Space Needle

Glass floors now!

At Cougar Mountain State Park

Ilana and I at the overlook on the Green River trailThanksgiving dinner at Judy's house

Peter made a monster cookieSnowflake Lane

Kenny's first job - drumming at Snowflake Lane

Peter playing piano at a school festivalA tangled mess of mossy branches at Cougar Mountain

There was an old clay mill and brick factory in the area - lots of old bricks to be found

The site of a pedestrian accident - right where the kids walk to schoolI had a holiday party at my house - we made DIY lip balm

The nativity show at the LDS templeKenny at his school Christmas concert

At Snowflake Lane againWith Roger and Sandra

Christmas concert of the Somerset Chorale choir. Unfortunately I had a cold and wasn't able to really sing.

Here's a Youtube video of the entire concert: videos