Fall 2018

Lake Ingalls hike, sailing in Puget Sound, Astoria and Fort Stevens, houseboat tour, visiting Cherie, COPA migration

Kenny shooting his lego gun in slow motionAt the Shakespeare play "The Merry Wives of Windsor", done in the style of Austin Powers

With Jean at Ingalls LakeWe set up our tents just a little bit past the lake

The lake was chilly but refreshing.

Eric with his friend Ayre

We planted Rubus pentalobus (creeping raspberry) in our backyard, and it produced a lot of fruit. Not as tasty as regular raspberry, but not bad.At Seahurst park

Kenny in band

With the right combination of facial expression, I was able to get the age estimator program to knock 10 years off my age.Cooking at home

At Fort Stevens in Oregon

This was previously an interesting old museum at Fort Stevens. Too bad they shut it down.Biking around the trails

In Astoria - the house the Goonies was filmed in

Peter, prepping his clothes for the first day of scholWith his friend Caleb

At the Amazon buliding in downtown SeattleThe Amazon Go store was a cool experience. Walk in, walk out, no cashier!

Lots of cameras thoughThe doggie area.

At the Pyuallap FairMt Rainier

Jean and I did the Seattle Houseboat tour

I'll bet the cat that lives here enjoys the setup...

Kenny the contortionistVisiting Cherie in Leavenworth

Bear poopWe bushwhacked up to this rock formation behind the house

Views of the valleyFinally, on top of the ridge

At a Habitat for Humanity site.

In La Conner. Not sure what this huge, crumbling old warehouse was.The strange looking structures across the water are the Swinomish Cedar Hats - park buildings shaped like tribal hats.

Biking on the Amargosa Trail in Henderson, Nevada

Along the strip

At the Bellagio

We got a tour of one of the private villas. Very deluxe.

Gold plated sinkSome of the interesting geological features on the flight

This was a vehicle testing areaLooks like the scablands in Washington State

Spirit Lake

The Parklands lava flow

Shaped note singing event in Portland

Some of the cozy looking houses right around the Laurelhurst Club

Ilana and Laura, with mud masksVisiting for an event at the University of Oregon. Beautiful building.

Political correctness gone nuts