Chelan Lakeshore Trail Hike

Overnight backpacking trip from Prince Creek to Stehikin with Jean and Kelly

Getting dropped off at Prince CreekThis lovely sweet-smelling bush was everywhere. I looked it up - it's a Lewis' mock-orange (Philadelphus lewisii)

Wondered why this pole was sticking out of the cliff

I hiked with the umbrella because it was HOT!Apparently this is wild salsify

This little tree was trying to grow on a boulderPurifying water

If you look carefully, you can see one of the two rattlesnakes we saw on this hikeKelly tried climbing up here to this throne (with steps) carved into a charred tree, but wisely gave up when one of the steps came off.

The only wild raspberry bush I found

A storm was coming up. It looked bad, but luckily we only had a few dropsThis grouse didn't want us to cross the trail, because one of her babies was on it.

The wildfire came through in 2011. It left some impressive fields of charred stumps

The cabin at Moore Point. Complete with bunk beds. We camped in our tents, though.Feet get a little dirty when hiking on dusty trails!


Beautiful sunsetOur tents

I think this was Four Mile creekOld stone walls

We found out at the ranger station that this snake is a Rubber BoaThis is the spot where Hans and Holly had their wedding - right across from the ranger station

More Lewis's mock-orangeAt trail's end

Kelly and I saw a bunch of butterflies on the rocks near the dock - I think that someone had spilled a soda right there, and they eating the sugar