Summer 2017

Ingalls Lake hike, Newport Oregon, Vashon Island sailing trip, the eclipse in Madras, Goat Lake hike

Taking a break on the Green River bike trailIt looks like my teeth are rotten here, but it's the plums we found along the way

Playing pickleball at the International School courtsKenny spent days building this lego rifle

We had lots of smokey days because of forest fires this summer. You can't really see it well in the picture, but the sun was red, and we could barely see Mercer IslandPeter making lemon bars with some help from dad

At the Somerset Rec ClubIngalls Lake hike with Cherie

Tufts of goat hair were all around our campsite

About 10 goats came by in the morning, right next to our tent and completely unafraid.

The "view from the loo" was niceCairns

Interesting layer in the rock

Ingalls Lake was beautiful as usual

The beginning of Ingalls Creek

Still more goats around the lakeWalking on the trails around Highland Drive, and we see a bear! It was scared of us, and ran away.

A trip to Newport, Oregon - beautiful dunes

At the fair in NewportWe bought a book on ghost towns in Oregon from this man

There were some very strange sand formations on the beach

Sea lions rested on platforms in the bay

Around the Yaquina Head LighthouseLove these rocks

Watching the eclipse at the airport in Madras, OregonMt. Jefferson

Lots of wide open spaceSome military planes flew in

And some private jets

Our "campsite"

Our campsite neighbors gave Kenny some hot chocolateNicely set up for a private viewing of the eclipse

The line for coffee was about 30 minutes long. Good thing I don't desperately need it.


Cool eclipse shadows

The eclipse totality

Jets lining up to leaveMore pickleball at the International School. I took pictures to show city officials how much the courts are used

At Nehalem Bay state parkSailing trip to Vashon Island with Jean and Kelly, on Kelly's sailboat!

Captain Kelly

At the old quarry

A huge ant hill along the trail

Kelly went for a swimBedtime

On the way back, we saw this huge, really clean-cut looking ship. I looked it up later - it transports large equipment.A picnic with Jean and Kay at Potlach State Park

Setting up the Orukayaks.

Hiking the Goat Lake Loop with Jean - we were lucky and had really nice weather. Setting off...

The Pacific Crest Trail has some monster cairns

Mt. Adams from our campsite

The Pacific Crest Trail through-hikers are an interesting bunch. They have a certain look, and their packs are much smaller than the 2 and 3 day hikers

One of them took this picture of us

My pack, sitting on top of pine needles against the trees to try to avoid the ever-present dustOur first campsite

Grasshoppers were everywhere, and the next morning we saw them in the beargrass.

Finally - Goat Lake

There were goats, but high up in the hills.

A heart-shaped rock

These rock shelters were built to protect tents from the prevailing windsClimbed to a gap, and got a look at Mt. Rainer!

Our second campsitePicking blueberries at sunset

Homeward bound!