Spring 2017

Easter, choir and concerts, hikes, Alaska trip

Easter at Jean's house

Easter egg hunt at home

Flying with BrettFamily Challenge at the South Bellevue Community Center - we got second place!

At the composer workshop with Francisco N��ez, at the Somerset community choir (Forest Ridge)

Ancient Lakes hike with Gary

Some amazing basalt columns. Like they were turned on a lathe. Or twisted somehow.

My tent

Clasping PepperweedI thought these lines were the lines from ancient ice age flood lake levels, but they're all since 1950!

Mice gnawed a hole in my backpack, to get at the garbage!

Peter's class went on a trip to the Cedar River Watershed

Mother's DayHike with Jean and kids to Echo Mountain

Lunch rock at Lake SerenePeter at his year end concert


Trip to Orcas Island - this is Turtleback Mountain

The kids had the camera...

Funny looking half-truck, that is used to ferry floatplanes.

BBQ on the deck

Foster kittens that we had for a few weeks

Ingalls Creek hike. Interesting wildflowers - this is Silver CrownOn the way back, a goat was loose on the trail! First time I've seen a pack goat. This girl fetched it back.

Remnants of some old mining facilities?

Jean and I, first kayaking trip of the season

Kenny's year end concertEnd of year concert for Somerset Chorale

Cub scout hike

Eric and I flew to Alaska on a group trip. Walking around Juneau - this is the old governers mansionKayaking in Mendenhall Glacier lake. Cold!

Rafted up to hear the guide talk about the glacierOn the way back to the launching area, the water was smooth as a mirror

In the capital buildingNot what you want to see on a flying trip...

Flying around the glaciers close to Juneau

No place for an emergency landing here!A U-shaped glacial valley

Level Island - it has a VORAt the fishing lodge

We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous day for fishingMy first king salmon

There were lots of whales about

Ling CodMy second king salmon

Eric's salmonPirate's Cove - ancient lava flows

Back at the dock, our haul, with Ben and CourtneyBald eagles feeding off the fish entrails

End of year cub scout event