Spring 2016

Various spring events, Fort Stevens and kayaking Hope Island

Family hike near Rattlesnake RidgePeter, about to set off a rocket that he built

First kayak trip of the year at Mercer Slough

Peter with his watch

Kenny and RyanSunset from deck

Hike with Alison on Middle Fork trail

The trail had not yet been cleared, but there were WTA volunteers working on it

Testing out my sling chair invention

We competed at the South Bellevue Community Center Challenge - and won!

A trip to Fort Vancouver

Peter got to set off a beaver trap at the blacksmithKenny and the Amazing Dancing Water Bowl at the science museum

We stayed at an AirBnB, I thought this nearby house was neat looking

This seemed a little over-the-top, even for PortlandPeter at his music night at Somerset Elementary

SunsetThe kids love this playground at the Seattle Center

At the Coal Mines trail from Cle Elum - Peter found a snakeThere was a lot of old equipment left laying around from the old, unused coal mine

Couldn't figure out this one

From this angle it looks like a big old animal snout

Kayaking Cottage Lake with Jean - assembly is, as usual, the most work with the Orukayaks

They do work great once they're put together, though...

A massive wooden stick towerMt Rainier from the Green River trail

At the cub scout rocket launch

Sunset/raincloud view of Seattle

A friend of our collects ancient coins. It's history in a pint-sized package.

Peter's 9th birthday party!Doing the treasure hunt. The clue was "What goes up and down, but stays in one place?" It took them about a microsecond to figure it out, and another to actually find the clue. They finished a lot faster than I thought they would!

A camping trip to Fort Stevens, Oregon Ecola State Park

I was disappointed that so many trails at Ecola State park were closed, with no explanations.

The Peter Iredale wreck at Fort StevensAt Seaside

At Battery Russell

The biking paths were so beautifulAt the Peter Iredale wreck. This picture was taken by an interesting lady who'd taken her family (with 3 kids, one newborn) on an RV trip around all of North America)

The kids loved being able to bike around independently the most

At a machine gun nest from World War II

I found some old WWII pontoon boats while biking around some of the lesser-used trails at Fort Stevens.

Finding a binocular-shaped geocache

Another geocacheAn unexpected, unmarked WWII find at Fort Stevens

I don't know what it was for, but it had weirdly twisted entries and exits. There were two of these structures close together.Massive fields of thimbleberries! This is where I ate an ant, that clamped on to my throat

While picking and eating wild blackberries and thimbleberries, I ate an ant, which clamped on to my throatHere it is, after I plucked it out with my fingers. Hard not to gag, but I was very motivated to get that thing out!

Kenny climbing a pole at the Bellevue Strawberry FestivalOvernight kayaking trip to Hope Island, near Shelton, with Jean. This is the first time I loaded it up with anything other than a tiny daypack. Packing things behind the seat worked well.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a kayak trip

The water was like glass...At Hope Island

Mt Rainier in the backgroundThe caretaker's cabin

Nearby Squaxin Island, owned by the Squaxin tribe, is completely inaccessible. This is the "no trespassing" sign.These raccoons would have stolen our food, had we not taken precautions. Their normal food here is crabs or clams.

Found a swing

Best dinner-time view in the house!Yummy ramen/peanut butter dinner

The racoon appproached, but a few sticks tossed in his direction made him leave

Lots of sea anemonesRelaxing before sunset

Not quite as sunny the next day - approaching Steamboat IslandThe concrete reinforcements for this house were crumbling - yikes!

The seals say good-bye