SBCC Family Challenge, misc.

At the South Bellevue Community Center Family Challenge -We had to replicate this sculpture exactly, based on verbal instructions from Kenny

The challenge here was to balance as many dice as possible on a popsicle stick

Pizza!Peter's store, selling yum-yum (refreshing ice water)

At the Gates FoundationInspecting an RV like the one we'll be renting this summer

On a flight to San Juan Island, I saw this funny shaped island, turns out it's Smith Island, with a penninsula stretching out to Sand Island. Wonder what it would be like to live there...We took a bike ride on the Centennial Trail for Mother's Day, and Peter and I hung out at Lake Stevens while Eric and Kenny went back for the car. There was a good climbing tree

The challenge here is to find Peter...

Mother's Day tea at Rachel's house...Ethan prepared the snacks