Washington D.C. and assorted pics

A variety of pictures from fall, plus a Thanksgiving trip to Washington, DC

First day of school - Kenny in 5th grade, Peter in 2ndIn Lake Washington with Jean

On the Sammamish RiverSunset pictures

Peter with his soccer groupWe fostered 5 kittens for a few weeks!

Peter and Kenny heading out to sell boy scout popcornMore lovely sunset pictures. It was a very pleasant October

Bike ride with kids. Kenny looking pretty grumpyPaper airplanes made out of spare posters

What size box can Peter fit in?

We had a lot of landscaping done on our house, including a new front walkwayCarving the halloween pumpkin - they did it all by themselves

Peter in his Halloween class partyPeter's last soccer game

In Kenny's class party, David Garber gave a very interesting dry ice demonstration

On a visit to Marymoor, Peter was invited to go rock climbing

Eric's brother Brian visited for a week on his way to a caricature conventionThis is from the top of the Columbia Tower - the views are much better than from the Space Needle!

On Bainbridge Island

The end of season dinner for Kenny's soccer teamFlying around Mt Rainier with Eric

The White House at night - lots more security from when I remember it, more than 20 years back

Interesting triple decker walkwaysThe FBI building - it looked very, very secure and imposing

At the Air and Space MuseumSculpture Garden

In front of Washington Monument. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to go up - it was booked far in advanceAt the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where money is printed. The most interesting part was where you see the money actually being printed, but no photos are allowed there.

In front of the Lincoln MemorialThe Washington Monument is in the background, but washed out

We had to make way for a big motorcade next to the White House. I wonder if Obama was in there?An Ipad teleprompter, in vietnamese, in front of the White House.

Selfies with Peter

At the US Capital

Our representative, from BellevueIn his office

In the rotundaAt the Supreme Court

At the Library of Congress

The Hope Diamond, at the Natural History MuseumThere were lots of amazing gems

A rock, magnetitized by lightening

The Museum of Crime and Punishment

Peter at the National Gallery of ArtAt the ice rink

At Mt Vernon

Interesting vending machine at Mt Vernon -there were ponchos, first aid kids, kleenexes, tylenol, etc.The 16-sided barn, designed by Washington, to make threshing the grain easier

Visiting my old high school friend Heidi and her family