Columbia River trip

Three nights along the Columbia River.

A petrified tree stump at the Petrified Forest State ParkFrenchman's coulee - the "feathers", a natural rock formation, very popular with climbers. This gap in the rocks had a strong breeze running through it - it was like a natural air conditioner

Not a flattering picture! We ran into a sandstorm, and Peter and I got out of the car, just to see what it was like.

The Riverwalk trail along the Columbia river, next to our hotel in Richland. We found some kids who were fishingAnd someone swimming across the river

There was a really neat playground there

Later we had a picnic at a park on the river, and saw this big barge go by. I wonder if they just go between dams?A short hike at Twin Sisters

There was a freakishly large number of these spiders, EVERYWHERE. We waited till I found some big sticks to whack down all the spider webs

Kenny found a snake skinJust past Twin Sisters, there had been a derailment, which was being cleared up

An Amazon data center is being built in Umatilla, Oregon, where we stayed for the night.And right next to it, the Two Rivers Correctional Institute - a prison. This is a shot of their workout area

Cottonwood Canyon, Oregon's newest state park. It was VERY quiet, we saw about 5 other visitors.

Kenny found a great stickIt looked like there was an old road just below the cliff

Escaping ahead of a rainstorm

In the town of WascoWe spent the last night in Hood River

An arrowheadAt Horsetail Falls. This trail goes behind the waterfall