Back to the US

First few months in back in the US, including Christmas

On the flight back to SeattleSeeing old friends

Neighborhood partyWith Terry and Sue and friends on Whidbey Island

First day back at school!

Peter and the letter we wrote to his teacher back in GenevaMelissa

Kenny with a Knex toyThe kids went to a Bellevue Fire Department event with Eric

Meanwhile, I went on a Northrup Canyon hike with the Ice Age Floods Institute. A very long drive, but interesting sights and friendly people.

The old homestead that used to be back here

Again, from the top

The kids sure do have a great view on their way to school (when it's not rainy, that is)

Kenny playing soccerEric is very proud of his beef broccoli

Peter at Remlinger Farms school tripOur shipment from Geneva comes

Peter got $5 when I sold his old bikePeter and his menagerie

Kenny on a field trip to the Issaquah salmon hatcheryHalloween party in Peter's class

One of the moms went all out with the cupcakes.My project was a lot easier

Kenny and Peter with their costumes. Kenny's costume was pretty freaky when he had the mask on. He could see right through the cloth.Kenny's birthday party

A monster tall lego tower - I had to put on the last piecesAlong the Alki Beach trail in West Seattle - Ilana took some nice pictures because the light was so good.

A trip to Vancouver - the Capilano suspension bridge

There were also a few other funky bridges that were cantilevered out

Peter having fun in the hotel room (the Sylvia hotel again)

Walking along the Stanley Park trail to the aquarium from our hotel - it was a bit long, in the rain!

A boat was wrecked along the trailClose to the Exploratorium - there was group practicing Dragon boat racing

Kenny at the shooting range

Ice skating in downtown Bellevue temporary rinkPeter with Rascal

Mini hike with friends to Weona parkChristmas in North Carolina! Visiting the Arboretum - there was a lego sculpture display

The new kitty, Heidi, in the cat house made by Ann

The kids were very interested in trying to entice Heidi to sit on their lapsGathering for dinner

Ken does a funny trick with his lips - no props involved!Ann's exhibit area

At the Grove arcade, the phone booths aren't much use anymore!A vending machine for stones

Visiting with my mother

Peter on the trampolineKids with cousin Conrad

Conrad has an awesome treehousePeter enjoyed playing on the drum set

Ann doing some drawing with the kids

The Christmas tree, and Forrest in his finery

Christmas dinnerPeter playing with Heidi

Brian doing a caricature of PeterPeter doing a caricature of Brian

Peter and ForrestKenny and Peter with cousin Hoyt

Taking a little hike in the woods, at Lake Powhatan

One of Tom's goats, at his place

Tom and his electric powered truckThere's lots of construction going on there

Tom felled this tree across the ravine to make a little bridgePicnic at EarthHaven

EarthHaven has a beautiful little bamboo garden

The house Tom built many years ago

Old school bus

The water plant

Fish pond

Peter and Kenny get to do clay projects with their grandma

They also made bread in a train mold as a surprise for grandpa

And, of course, breadsticks