A week in Berlin

Some great playgrounds just next to our hotel

We were very close to Checkpoint Charlie. This is where the Berlin Wall stood.Everywhere there were gypsies trying to scam people. It's so obviously a scam, but I guess it doesn't need to be so sophisticated in order to make money

Checkpoint Charlie from the nearby McDonaldsFinally, we see the shell game scam. We saw it operating twice in Berlin, both times at Checkpoint Charlie, where there's lots of tourists.

Eating the Berlin specialty of currywurstThe view from the top of the Franz´┐Żsische Friedrichstadtkirche

I took this picture to remind me of something unusual that I noticed in Berlin - huge, wide streets, with no pedestrian signaling at all, nor any other signals (stop signs, etc). I believe it was part of a policy to make everyone watch out and not rely on signals. Don't know how effective it was. It felt weird crossing the road.At Checkpoint Charlie

The Jewish Museum

We did a tour at the old airport - Flughafen Tempelhof. The Americans had officer's quarters there after the war, and also the previous incarnation of Lufthansa had some offices there, before the war.The old officer's quarters

The airport terminal hall, closed for years now.

Peter got tired during the guide's long explanationsThis looks very 1930's to me.

In a former film repository, which burned after the war

At Mauerpark - lots of street life, markets and and musicians.

Also lots of litter

These swings were scattered about oddly over a wide area - maybe an old playground?

Remnants of the Berlin Wall

At the AlexanderPlatz

Walking throught the Museum district

A famous chocolate store on the Gendarmenmarkt

At the Holocaust Memorial

A Russian war memorial close to the Tiergarten

The kids had lots of fun trying to make it up these very slippery rocks.The Berlin Wall went right through here as well

Peter and his rock collectionAt the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin - lots of interesting things, though not very interactive.

An old railroad, from the 1500s

This windmill rotated, and was turned via this long post

Some ruined old buildings next to the museum

In Potsdam. This was my favorite part of our Berlin trip (though it wasn't actually in Berlin)

Old East German era buildings in Potsdam

We spent most of our time in the grounds of the Sanssouci palace. It was lovely.

More rock collections

At the Chinese house

Peter showing off his gun

I never quite figured out exactly what this sundial type thing was

On beautiful little island in the park

Interesting old fence on the perimeter of the park

At the Eastside Gallery - where there's a long stretch of the old Berlin Wall, with all kinds of graffiti on it.

This one is quite famous

No toys? No problem! Just play with rocks!