We spent 5 lovely days in Copenhagen - friendliest city yet

Our room at the Generator Hostel had interesting slide-out lockers under the bunk bedsWhen I saw this, I looked up wildly - were there boulders hailing from the sky? But it's actually a publicity stunt for the restaurant

The park next to our hotel

Rosenborg Castle

I liked the fact that our bed was right next to the window

At Frilandsmuseet - the Open Air Museum. The bus ride out (30 minutes) was really expensive, but the musuem itself was free. Amazingly enough, the museum dates from 1897! Most of the houses had these bed cupboard, tucked away in the living room or kitchen

A millstone was incorporated into the entry of this homeOne thing that struck me is how much smaller rooms were then, even in the houses of fairly well-to-do people

This pond weed has roots that dangle into the water

Sliding windows

There's storage under all these benches

Lots of school groups here

This seemed particularly Danish. It wasn't all that warm, yet the teacher had all these preschoolers take their pants and shoes off and splash in the wading pool. Danes are nothing if not outdoorsy!

This guy is a real thatcher - it's his full-time job at the museum, where the houses have mostly thatched roofs. He was very friendly, and explained everything to us

We did speed trials of running around these rocks

I meant to ask what these were, but forgot

Very simple curtain - just a ring tied to both ends of a clothA beehive, before the square box design became popular

Roofs made of eel-grass. The beams for the roof must have been very strong! I imagine that they absorbed a ton of water and became very heavy

A school where lace making was taught. The glass globe was used to focus the candlelight on one person's work

A country storeKids love finding frogs

Biking in Copenhagen is at least as popular, or perhaps even more so than in Amsterdam. These kid carriers were very popularThis children's playground was well designed - somebody sitting in the middle could see down all four branches, each with different activities. When we were there, a few daycare groups were visiting

Interesting chair

At the Kastellet - an old star-shaped fort, which is still active. The kids weren't actually supposed to be in the grass, and an armed soldier soon came buy and told them to get off.

The structure in the front is a memorial to Danish soldiers killed in peace-keeping missions.

Interesting fountain. It was a bit hard to recognize as a fountain, though.The famous Little Mermaid. It's just as small and relatively inconspicous as everyone says

At the Marmor Kirken or Marble Church

Walking up the Round Tower.

We managed to get a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on July 4th. I think the kids were really impressed that this kid, about Kenny's age, was out there earning money with his violin.

The town hall

Cool - these picnic tables have a grill in the middle

We rented bikes. Copenhagen is absolutely lovely for biking, with separate lanes, bike traffic lights, etc.

This superyacht was docked close to Amalienborg Castle.The changing of the guard at Amalienborg

Lunch - we had a lot of hot dogs

Found a neat playground along the waterfront

An automated WC

At the park Amager F´┐Żlled

Looks like this guys is getting a ticket for busking

We saw these people collecting cans and plastic bottles in a lot of places. Apparently there's a pretty high deposit on them.

At the experimentarium, a science museum

Handling dry ice at the science museum

Trying the surfing machine - tricky!Kenny was a lot better at it

Kenny was a lot better than I was, and tried some tricksAnd Eric got hurt...

Peter "excavating" a fossilThey know how to do playgrounds, these Danish. This structure includes a basketball court, me

There were some great climbing trees in the park

At the botanical gardens

We climbed up these stairs in the botanical gardens. The temperature must have climbed by about 20 degrees from the base to the top, it was almost unbearable.

A tour boat rideSome unique buildings

The Copenhagen sand sculpture contest

Flying back to Geneva