End of school concert and parade, kids visit UN, Peter's sixth birthday, visiting the Oujon ruins, and walking along Lake Geneva from Morge to Saint Sulpice.

Peter's teacher organized a potluck for families in her classA few pictures of views of the neighborhood from our apartment

Looking toward Parc La GrangeLooking towards the elementary school

Courtyard of our apartment complexViews of St Peter's Cathedral

The school concert - the agenda for Peter's group

Peter before the concert starts

Agenda for Kenny's class (5P and 6P)

Morning Peter cuteness

The gazebo along the lake. The structure is actually made of concrete shapped in the form of tree limbs. Very natural looking.A really neat piece of playground equipment that you'd never see in the US

Street musicians, pounding rhythmically on tuned planksA few more United Nations pictures.

The scarcophagus of Gustave de Revilliod de la Rive, who donated the land to the city, which was eventually turned into Palais de Nations. The three conditions under which he donated the land were these: - that the park always remain accessible to the public - that he be buried in the park - and that peacocks roam freely on its grounds Number 2 and number 3 are true, but the park is definitely not accessible to the public.

Kenny and Peter visit the United Nations

Next to the peacock pen, which was unfortunately empty

This part of the UN, with all the light colored stone is REALLY bright if there's any sunlight. Nobody is ever here because it's not very pleasant.

In my office

The F�te des �coles (end of school festival) for Peter involved a big parade and and kid's party in Parc Bastion

I think one of these people is the mayor of GenevaPeter in the orange shirt

The crowd of parents waiting to pick their kids up again

Peter and his teacher, Michele DunandWow - look at those crowds in the background! I was tipped off that it was much faster to pick up the kids Peter via the back entrance, which helped a lot.

Peter's teacher asked us to label each of the colored pencils that the kids got at the beginning of the school year. It was a brillant idea, the pencils stayed in great shape. This is after a school year of use (the whole set was intact when Peter brought them home), and a week at home of summer vacation, during which a few of them had already gotten lost!Kenny's F�te des �coles was at Parc La Grange. He met some classmates there and was with them the whole time, so no photos of him. This is Peter and his very very good friend Thais.

On my last day at the UN, I got two very heavy coffee table type books from my team. Since I was on my bike, and they were too big for my backpack, I carried them on my rear rack, with some string I happened to have. It got me all the way home!

Peter got a "make your own candy" kit from his grandparents. He enjoyed it a lot!We held Peter's 6th birthday party at the Little Gym, which is conveniently nearby within easy walking distance. The staff there did a very good job and kept them very busy - look at that sweat!

Panorama photo in the rose garden of Parc La Grange

Day trip to the ruines of the Chartreuse d'Oujon - a monastery founded in 1146. It flourished until the dissolution of the monasteries under the Reformation in 1536 or 1537).

Walking along Lake Geneva from Morge to Saint Sulpice. Interesting tree - "weeping cedar"

Love the solid wood picnic table and stools

In saint Sulpice