Baby plage, Ruins at Rouelbeau, Labyrinthe Adventure

Ready to go skiing with a group from the community centerBurning the winter monster at Baby Plage - luckily it wasn't as windy as last year

The fire is started!It burns up really quickly

gone within minutesPeter and Kenny made a little easty bunny robot

Peter has the habit of taking his blanket and sleeping on the hard wood floor. He says it's so that he can see outsideTrying to get Kenny to make a photo of Peter and me together. I think it would have worked better had we not been looking at the camera

On the lake - tiny little flowers blooming in the lawnThe boys in Kenny's class played soccer together as a team on a few of the free Wednesdays. Kenny really loved it and was sorry when it ended.

These bugs are everywhere now, forming clusters in bushes, etc.

We went to see the ruins at Rouelbeau, not too far from our apartment. They're still being excavated, not much is accessible.I have no idea what this row of holes is

Formerly there was a moat around this castle. It's now less of a moat, and more a muddy swampy areaView of the park from our apartment

We spent the day with Jeannette and Michelle and their family at Labyrinthe Adventure, a playland type area in Evionnaz. There were all kinds of games and equipment that wouldn't work in the US because of insurance costs.

This is a lot harder than it looks - I fell off about a second later

About to do the zip line

Peter, posing. I banged my knee pretty severely trying to hop up on this while it was moving

The maze

Doing the treasure hunt

These revolving drums were very hard to stay on top of