Eric almost gets stoned

Eric and Kenny encounter a stone throwing Palestinian while walking the Jerusalem ramparts.

One day during our trip to Isreal, we decided to walk the northen part of the Ramparts surrounding Jerusalem. We had taken the Southern Ramparts walk a few days previously.Sylvia and and Peter left to go back to the hotel room, while Kenny and Eric continued with the walk. This is the Damascus Gate through which they left.

We continued on the wall along the Muslim Quarter. While looking at a rather interesting site with a combination of ancient ruins, modern "fortifications" and trash, I heard a comotion behind me ...... I turn to see a couple of young men hastily making their way through the base of the wall.

One was shimmying his way through on his back.And another was shoving some kind of radio equipment through the opening. Here you can see a speaker. It looked like it was a piece of furniture. He was breaking what looked like legs off a table to get it through. You can see a speaker at his feet.

After taking a couple of pictures, I turned back to the other view. After a few seconds, Kenny told me that one of the kids was throwing rocks! The first couple landed below us upon the wall.Here is the one whose was doing the throwing. Here he is picking up a rock. He threw a total of about 4 or 5 rocks. One of them, a fist size rock, came within a couple feet of my head, to smash upon the wall behind me! If it had hit my head, I'm sure I would have been seriously hurt, potentially killed (throwing rocks is a good transmission of energy I found out).

He started to come closer to me, I assume to get a better shot. At this point, I raised my camera as though I was taking a movie of them. This had the immediate consequence of causing them to cover their faces ...... and run away. At this point, I decided that it would be best to complete our tour. So I hurried Kenny and myself to the next gate where I notified IDF about the incident.

Kenny was definitely, and rightly, a bit disturbed by the incident (as was I). I was worried that they may try to ambush us later, along the wall, as they probably knew the area well. Fortunately that did not happen.