We welcomed the New Year in London.

At the Premier Inn - very new, clean, comfortable and well lit. It was a nice contrast to our riad in Marrakech, which was very authentic and nicely decorated, but did not have central heat and was very dark.Kenny puts the djellaba (robe) he got from Malika

We took a tour of the HMS Belfast

Bathrooms were a tight squeeze!In the boiler area

Kenny in the kitchen

The infirmary

Officers quarters behind Peter

At the Science Museum

Eric spent a lot of time on this oneThis dry ice table was fascinating - every three minutes, chunks of dry ice would come down a chute and create amazing patterns

At the Natural History Musuem

DarwinThe Museum of London - docklands

Cutty Stark in GreenwichChapel of St Peter and Paul

Anchors at the national martitime museumEric at the Prime Meridian

Flying back to Geneva