Tree-climbers, Neuchatel, Mont Blanc

More trips around Switzerland and France.

Parc la Grange next door had a tree-climbers competition, with timed tree-top rescues, races up a tree to ring a bell, etc.The kids loved this monster swing, which was unfortunately shut down shortly after this picture because there'd been a safety concern

The dummy has been rescuedThere was a small area for kids to climb as well

On our trip to Neuchatel, as usual, we spent some time in a playground

A walk near Pragins along the "Sentier de Toblerones" (anti tank defense system set up around World War II in Switzerland). Much of it wound through a golf course, and wasn't very interesting, but once we got to the actual"toblerones" it got better.

Old fort This building (La Villa Rose) is fake - it's actually a fort, with cute windows painted on it.

At the Aiguille du Midi cablecar, with a view of Mont Blanc. Man was it COLD! We should have brought much warmer clothing. Plus Eric left his shell jacket at home. Luckily we had beautiful weather.

We sheltered here for a while - the dark metal was actually nicely warmed from the sun.

This is the path for people to hike down. the middle station of the cable car the temperatures were much more agreeable! Lots of great picture taking opportunities.

Kevin and Petra were here for a visit