Zurich and Rocher de Naye

Sylvia and the kids take a trip.

The kids and I took a trip to Zurich. We stayed at the Etap hotel - basic but functional, and cheaper than the youth hostel would have been!In Old town

At the Grossmuenster Cathedral, instead of brochures they had these huge (about 2 feet long) boards with information about the cathedral, and things to find. Very well done, plus with them this large, there's no chance of people taking them.

At the Zurich Zoo - mother gorilla with baby

Neat set of fountains, including a place for dogs to drink

View of Grossmuenster cathedralFlea Market. Kenny found lots of stands that sold crystals, which he's very interested in right now.

We found a cute little beach on the lake, and I let the kids splash a bit. Peter fell in, as I should have expected, but I got a good picture of him drying off

They have some awesome playground in Zurich. The swings were much longer, and went up much higherA little restaurant near the Viaduct park

The kids and I took the train up to Rocher de Naye, a peak above Montreaux. Here you can see the Chateaux Chillon in the distance

Kenny was a lot more eager to climb these knife edge trails than I was to let him

We had a bit of a view the first few hours, but then things clouded overYou could spend the night in a yurt here. But after seeing them, I'm glad I didn't - they were right in the middle of the main tourist path, and people were constantly all around them. Here's the inside

They had marmot enclosures hereThe view is supposed to be breathtaking here...

This is looking straight down - I was on my stomach

We saw this old ruined farmhouse on the train ride down