A walk around our neighborhood of Eaux-Vives, in Geneva.

Our babysitter Kim did some very detailed playdough with the kids! Looks like a lobster eating a ratThe English Gardens contains this flower clock

There's water fountains everywhere

Our neighborhood - the apartment block across the streetLooking towards Parc La Grange from the sidewalk outside our apartment

Looking away from the parkOn the way to the grocery store - Coop

Looking down towards the lake - this is where we go to take the number 2 or 6 busThe cafe/bakery and garage right across from our apartment

The grocery store just a block awayEntry to the Parc La Grange

The little cafe/ice cream store just inside the park

The La Grange mansionWe've spent many hours at this playground

Next to the playground is a wading pool

This hand-cranked wooden ferris wheel was at the park this summer. The kids loved it.

Here are the Roman ruins in the park. Not much, just some old foundation stones, but still - Roman ruins just next door!Here's one entrance to the park next door to Parc La Grange, called Parc Eaux Vive

Park Eaux Vive has another mansion, now a restaurant

There's an artificial waterfall in Parc Eaux Vive, but stylized to look like a natural waterfall

A little kid-sized cave

Another view of Maison La GrangeView from our apartment balcony