Weekend trip to the cheese capital of Switzerland.

At the Fete de Geneve

Eric's coworker MarkusWeekend trip to Gruyere - this is the path up to the town

Some cafes in the town used old boards for draining cheese wheels as tablesThese depressions were to validate grain measures

We had our picnic at the Gruyere castle

This fireplace was the size of a medium sized bedroomMedieval graffiti

An old hand-powered wheelchair

At the demonstration factory that produced Gruyere cheeseEric about to eat a horsemeat steak. I tasted it. What can I say? Kind of tastes like beef.

Gruyere castle from the distanceThis is at the Cailler chocolate factory close to Gruyere. They had a very wiz-bang automated tour

The assembly lineThis was the "eat as much chocolate as you want" room

Later on we took a walk through a gorge close to Gruyere

On the way home we found wild rasberries!