A trip to Lucerne, including the transportation museum.

We took a weekend trip to beautiful Lucerne. This innovative water play park was very close to our hotel

The famous bridge, which is actually a reproduction after a 1998 fireFountains everywhere

This very friendly man had a crystal stand at a marketplace. We bought a few crystals for the kids, and he ended up giving us a few more as well.

In one of the towers that form part of the Lucerne city wallWe went right next to a school racetrack, and Kenny tested his speed

This grating across a bad floor in one of the towers had supports just far enough apart to be quite dangerous

We saw this helicopter land at the hosital

On another one of the bridges - the Spreuerbruecke, all the triangular bridges were on the theme of death and the plague

Another view of the famous water tower in Lucerne

I took a bike ride on my own with a bike borrowed from the Hotel Cascada. It was short but wonderful. A few pictures from my ride...

At the famous Transport museum in Lucerne

These look like toy cars, but they're actually full sized cars in an automated parking garage.

This was the kids favorite - a hands-on road building section

The huge tunnel boring drill bit at the entry