The Vasiliks take the train to Fribourg

We took the train and Kenny and Peter were entertained with the iPad.We took the recommended waking tour. Turned out to be quite nice.

THe place was almost a ghost town. Of course the law that nearly all shops be closed on Sundays does not help.Cool set of stairs with a open drainage conduit next to it. I wonder what it smelled like in its heyday :-)

Lots of vertical in this city.House in the side of a hill.

We found a bunch of fountains on one street, all built in the mid 1500'sCool covered wooden bridge. Cars and pedestrians share the narrow roadway

Me telling Kenny what the holes in the stone were used for. I assumed posts for old budings.Peter against a balistraria (arrowslit).

Peter got a kick out of feeding this goat. He also, it seems, got a kick out of the current running through the fence. It did not look like the characteristic electric fence, but at some point Peter started crying and indicated it was the fence. No signs about it either.Peter, post-shock.

The Berne gate. "Built between 1270 and 1290, the Bern Gate was heightened in the 1380s and shortly after 1400."Up close at the gate.

A turnstile up a bit at the gate.Very picturesque.

Cool formations in the river.

This is the emblem of Fribourg

Another view by the river.Where are all the people?

Peter got a big thrill out of this bouquet of dandelionsMeow.

Long walk back up the hill.