The Vasilik Family spends Christmas in London!

Very close to where we were staying, there was a famous market on Portobello Street.One of the store was selling old sewing machines! Just kidding :-) They sold clothes, but lined the walls with these sewing machines. We found another like it closer to downtown London.

Also on this street is located the book store featured in the movie Notting Hill.It's no longer a book store, if ever it really was, but they have a sign in the window highliting the movie. Strangely enough, there was a store further up the street which was the focus of a lot of cameras. I think people thought it was the real location.

The living room from the place we stayed. It is the residence of a couple who lends it out when they are away.Kenny was taking these pictures and has a particular directorial style.

Given that we had to deal with US, Swiss and UK power attachments, we had to build the leaning tower of power.

The Tube was ubiquitous and Sylvia liked it, but Eric liked to take taxis instead.A special memorial to Princess Diana.

And, a kids park dedicated to Diana as well. She was quite the darling of the British people.Out and about. These folks were feeding a few pigeons.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Mayfair.Where is Dr. Who when you need him?

We came upon Buckingham Palace.

The Institution of Civil Engineers. For my Dad :-)Kenny was particularly interested in seeing Big Ben. It rang 3'oclock for us there.

Some dude on a horse with a sword.George the 5th.

We never got to the London Eye, but it was huge!These style of houses were everywhere!

We made the "mistake" of going to the largest mall in Eurore on Boxing Day.It was nuts. Literally people queuing up to rush in and grab whatever they can.

The British Museum. Really cool.The courtyard of the original building was enclosed and a circular building built inside.

Roar.The Rosetta Stone was the primary attraction. Quite amazing.

Lots of Assyrian and Egyptian stuff.

Giant scarab.

From the Parthenon.

Kenny was interested in the old coins.

Perikles.Olympic medals for the upcoming games.

Greek Armor.

Roman household items.Can't leave without looking at a Greek vase.

Bust of emperor Marcus Aurelius.Emperor Lucius Verus.

Emperor Antoninus Pius.Hadrian.

Emperor Trajan.Emperor Vespasian.

Emperor Titus.Tiberius.

Augustus.Gaius Ceasar.

ClaudiusProbably Julias Ceasar.

Hercules!A war club (?) brought back by Captain Cook!

A model of the solar system.

An ancient game.

Some of the oldest items, dated as far back as 100,000 years!Where's my Mummy?!

They have a magnificent collection of Egyptian artifacts.

Checking out the Tower of london. Peter with a snack while daddy waits in line for tickets.It was absolutely packed there!

A drama was being played out to the tourists.Did I say it was packed there?

The white tower.The Thames and the Tower Bridge.

Technically, they are animals.Good armor collection.

Swords of the Kings.

One big gun.Cannon designed to shoot three projectiles.

A suit for a child.An indian headdress.

Whimsical dragon.Mortars.

And cannons.Changing of the guard.

Huge line waiting to see the crown jewels.Some of the older parts of the castle.

Off with her head! The location of famous executions.Carvings in the wall of a prison room.

Traitors gate. Where many prisoners entered the tower.Outside St. Paul's.

Nobel Street where one can see the original Roman wall.

The Tate museum of Modern "Art".This is not art.

Neither is this.Especially not this (a paper shape on a wall).

I think it takes up the awkward place between not art and really not art.Not art.

A collection of photograpghs. Less not art.Victoria and Albert Museum.

Herrods. Very big store.

Photo from Westminster Abbey. No photos were allowed :-( Gotta go back. Amazing number of famous tombs.Back home. More presents!