The Vasilik's spend the weekend in Paris to pick up Eric's visa.

One of these things is not like the others"MaybeBaby" pregnancy test!

We saw these bicycles used by many all over Paris.While waiting for the visa, we wondered around. This was on the grounds of an old Army hospital, I think.

And then we went to the Eiffel tower.

While Eric goes back for the visa, Sylvia and the kids climb up to the second stage.

Because the line to the elevator was very long, and it costs money to use (Sylvia hates spending money when there are alternatives).Cool door.

Ping pong is popular. A concrete table.Statues and pointy things everywhere!

We took a ride on a Ferris wheel.

How Sylvia gets after frivolously spending money on Ferris wheels.One of the cool playgrounds we found.

We went to the gardens near the Louvre. Many cool statues.

Chillin' at the pond.

Not sure what this was meant to be.A fashion shoot on the river?

Notre Dame!

Confessions were being heard!Joan of Arc

That's quite a chandelier!Crepes on the street. Nutella of course.

St. Eustace Church.

Another cool playground by the church.At the Centre George Pompidou we encountered a strange performance art spectacle.

George is not impressed :-)

Near Notre Dame, there were some police divers in the river. Perhaps they are looking for some incriminating evidence?At the Luxembourg Gardens, we have some exercise class going on.

Kenny and Peter find their own kind of exercise.The palace at the gardens.

Nearby was a pay-to-play playground. First time we ever paid for the kids to go to a playground. Worth it, as it was a great playground.Kind of the world.

Cool zip circuit.

Classic Art Deco style entry to the metro.The Seine.

Near Notre Dame there was a market specializing in birds and small rodents.

Back at Notre Dame. This time the back side.

Can you say buttresses?

Unique swing on the grounds.And another dish of maximum centrifugal velicity.