Spring/Summer 2011

Misc. pictures of early 2011

Kenny and Peter putting on a showAt the Somerset Elementary Auction

Kenny's rocket (i.e. Eric's) won the cub scouts rubber band rocket raceA trip to build snow forts at Snoqualmie Pass

Kenny playing tetherball at school

Day trip to Bainbridge IslandWe tried cooking and eating some nettles at Coal Creek Park. They were fun to collect, anyway. In terms of taste - I should have made soup instead of just steaming them.

I organized an Earth Day volunteer event at the Bellevue Botanical Garden for the cub scouts

At the BlattsWe took a day trip to San Juan Islan - with Eric flying. This is British Camp

Beautiful beach at American Camp. Nice and sunny too.

Kenny at the Mother's Day party in his first grade class

Neat sunsetThank you letter, emailed to grandparents...

At the festival of cultures at Somerset, they had a display of what the Japanese earthquake victims used to cook food when they had no other suppliesAt Camp Sheppard

Kayaking with IlanaKenny doing the cub scout rocket launch

Sally and Judy were there too!Kenny and Peter put on a show

Cub scout hike to Twin LakesPeter was very proud to have his own backpack

Eric was the chaperone on a school field trip to the zoo

Hiking Little Si with IlanaFt Ebey cub scout camping trip Peter enjoyed hanging out with the other kids around the fire

Kenny found this fire hydrant out in the woods, in what used to be old military buildings

The old water tower

Kenny graduating from the Tiger denOn a cub scout field trip to the King 5 TV station

July 4th picnic at a local park in SomersetKenny and Peter build micro forts in the front yard