San Diego 2011

A trip to San Diego - Sea World, USS Midway, Zoo and Balboa Park.

The condo we rented was right on Mission Beach.

A cool simulated wave machine.Not Shamu.

Not Shamu spits at the crowd.We were in the splash zone, but were spared. Not these folkes.

On the gondola ride.Booths to dry yourself off after the log ride.

Giant Archimedes' screws powering the log ride.The Midway was very cool. Lots of volunteers giving information.

A Cessna 172 like this one landed on the Midway during the exodus from Saigon.

He dropped this message to request landing.Pilots Kenny and Peter.

Chipped beef on toast was pretty standard.Lots of aircraft on the flight deck.

Peter strapped into a helicopter.

New Guinea Singing Dog at the Zoo.The gorillas had a lot of space.

This is Kenny today...and this is a picture of Kenny 7 years ago!

A cool geco.Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Monkeys sunning themselves.Turtles with long necks.

What kind of animal is this?Gorillas from the air.

Innovative feeding.Torry Pines glider park.

Balboa Park.

Peter voguing.

Point Loma.

A Sea Hare.

Sylvia really wanted to get a bike ride in and we managed the last day.