Winter 2010

Miscellaneous activities during Winter 2010.

Kenny and Peter had fun making (and eating!) a gingerbread house.Eric was tempted to fly through this hole in the clouds over Widby Island. (He didn't)

Kenny and his Cub Scout Den visit a police station.Evidently the kids wern't very good, and had to be taken into custody.

Actually, they're just being shown how to dust for fingerprints.Waiting for birds to eat from your hands at the zoo.

Kenny took to Henry when Angie and Justin came over for dinner.Peter get a kick out of the carousel at Overlake.

Christmas!A hat party at the Blatt's.

Peter dancing to the Kinect Dance Central game.Kenny and his den visit the animal shelter.

Eric decides to clean out his closet by tossing free company shirts he's collected over his career. His first job was with Sun Microsystems.Then Borland International.

Then Microsoft.Then Crossgain. This shirt shows a quote from Steve Balmer commenting on a particular exodus of employees, of which the founding members of Crossgain was a part. Not shown are BEA and Google.

Squirrel action at Dinarte and John's.Kenny builds a big structure with his new connector toy.

Eric on a flight around the Olympic Mountains.Ruby Beach

Seabrook.The Olympics.

Aircraft carriers at Bremerton.13 Left at Boeing Field.

Galvin's Fleet.Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.

Kenny sends a message.