Thanksgiving 2010 in NC

The Vasiliks spend Thanksgiving with relatives in North Carolina.

We went to a park near a local school several times. This gave Sylvia ample reason to play Speedmitten.

The kids had a lot of fun playing with this pinball styled baseball game.In order to get good photos from the kids, we had to promise to take another where they could be goofy.

Ken shows off his playdough turkey sculpture.Eric and Sylvia took a Segway tour on the Biltmore Estate.

Kenny was eager to hellp Grandma in the kitchen. Perhaps it was the taste testing that inspired him?One evening Tom, Jo and Hoyt came over for dinner.

Thanksgiving meal! What a spread!Forrest does tricks for snacks!

Forrest does some agility moves.

Peter does tricks for snacks!Ken does tricks for snacks!

Dinner at Sylvia's mother's house. Peter and Kenny get their own table.Obligatory goofy picture.

Oma, Peter, Eric and Kenny.Conrad cleaning the trampoline at Alex and Juanita's place. Much bouncing was had.

Kenny and Conrad bouncing.Peter Bouncing.