Spring/Summer 2010

Grandparents Visit, Camping Trip.

At Golden Gardens parkIt's a zoo!

Kenny loves finding sea creatures. This is at Seahurst park in BurienMoon snail egg case

This funny blob of gel was all over the place. It was the egg case of the spotted AglajaAt Peter's preschool, the fire truck came by for a tour

Doing a boy scout rocket eventPeter is happy with his new trike

School field trip to Alki Beach at a very low tide day

Scott and Anna's wedding at Jean's house

The lovely brideA rainy Memorial day bbq "outside"

A Father's Day/Field Day celebration at schoolBaby clam of some sort at Seahurst park

Kenny and MomKenny has quite the collection of Star Wars figureines

At the Pacific Science Center butterfly housePictures with Eric's new Iphone

Kenny goes kayakingAt the Greenwood car show

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting! Eric made black forest cherry cake for Peter and Grandma's birthdayAt Forest Park in Everett

At Gasworks park, and also doing the "Ride the Ducks" tour

There was a boys and girls club group at the park which had brought big ice blocks to slide down on. It looked like lots of fun!

On the tour boat

Taking the plunge into the waterThe tour driver had plenty of props with...

Kenny and Peter at the Cedar River Watershed

We took a short train tour at Snoqualmie Falls

Kenny and Grandma decorating his bike for the July 4th parade

He won a prize! $20 in Baskin Robbins gift certificates.Waiting for the fireworks from our deck

The next day, we celebrate with the gift certificatesFinding a geocache at Juanita Bay park - Ann actually found it.

I did it!

Kenny on his first kayak tripAt the Milk Carton Derby, Green Lake.

Visiting the Lucas family on Whidbey IslandPeter loved the hermit crabs

A guy taking a walk with his dog showed us this dead skateBaby starfish

Lots of fun was had with water guns

The dogs fought to swim back in with the stickWe took a bike ride along Alki Beach

A week long camping trip at Fort Worden State Park, and Salt Creek County Park. Eric and Kenny saw a submarineThe blimp hanger. Later we found out that our friends Wendy and Mark had their wedding reception there.

It's pretty large!The old jail in the visitor center, where the soldiers would sleep it off.

Climbing all around the fortSome of the driftwood forts that we found on the beach

Sand castle time

Our new pop-up trailer

Kenny and I found this impressive rock pile at the beachThere was sand strategically positioned between the rocks to provide stability

Battery Kinzie at twilightEating breakfast (honey nut cheerios every day!) in the trailer

Exploring the large battery section at Fort Worden. It was a little stressful keeping Peter away from the edge!Snack time!

The ruins of an old searchlight, that rolled out on a track

I found lots of thimbleberries on the way

Getting ready to roast some marshmallows

The morning of our last day, we managed to see the one battery we were missing - Battery Stoddard

At Salt Creek County Park - site of former Fort HaydenSome of the rocks at this park had these weird markings on them. Fosilized worm casings?

Kenny was happy to play with his army men in the trailer

The low tides were early in the morning. Kenny and I would get up and check for sea creatures each morningThis island was only accessible at low tide

Lots of mussels!


I believe this is the first shrimp I've seen in the wild!We took a (pretty strenuous) hike up Hurricane Hill, behind Hurricane Ridge, at Olympic National park. It wouldn't have normally been that strenous, except I was carrying Peter most of the way! Beautiful hike, though.

I was planning on identifying a lot of flowers back at the visitor center, but didn't get around to it. So, just pictures without names here.

ChipmunksMakes me want to break out into song... "The hills are alive!"

Peter enjoying some grapesSome sunset pictures

Peter's last day with his binky (it broke and we didn't replace it)

At Crescent Lake. We were going to take a longer hike, but ended up stopping for lunch at a beautiful little meadow that jutted out in the lake, and then turning around. The water was so blue!Forgot the swimsuits, but the kids enjoyed themselves anyways

At the Elwha damn, which will be torn down next year.

A giant sea anemone

Some pink seaweed

Peter had fun touching the sea anemones

Kids had fun playing at the actual Salt Creek, which was fairly warm (compared to the ocean, anyway)

Kenny tries to surf on some driftwoodMarshmallow time!

Finally, we saw some sea urchins on the last day

Sea AnemoneThere was a baby seal, waiting for it's mother next to the island