Winter/Spring 2010

Weekend at the beach, a day in the life, bike rides, zoo trips, Easter,

Kenny loses a tooth!Nice sunset picture

Kenny and I went with Ilana and Benji and a number of her friends and their sons, to a seaside vacation home near Hansville, WA. We were lucky to have one very sunny day. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot, and so did the moms!

Awesome rope swing!

We went hunting for geocaches, and actually found one.

Kenny did the YMCA Pinewood Derby

A "Day in the Life" of Peter and Kenny - just like I did many years ago when it was just Kenny. Kenny usually wakes up very early and comes and hangs out in the living room with me.

Peter, waking up

Kenny, playing around whiel getting dressedThe kids get to watch a show on TV while I work out

Peter loves the rope swingPicking today's clothes

Kenny is helping Peter get dressed, but it's not going so wellMore playing

It's cereal today...usually we have oatmeal

Peter being funnyIt's a phone!

Kenny and I went swimming at the Coal Creek YMCAPeter down for a nap

Kenny and I went for a bike ride to Seward Park during Peter's nap. I rode the scooter. Snacks are always a high point of these outings.


At Woodlawn Park Zoo

Really cute shots of Peter

Peter got a little wet playing with the fountains at University Village

Sledding at Snoqualmie Pass

Easter! Kids got an easter basket at home, and then went on an easter egg hunt in Corrie's neighborhood

Kenny wrestling with his old daycare friend TristanEric visiting Dinarte at what's basically a mall at Microsoft

Kenny went to the UK International Soccer Camp over spring break. He absolutely loved it.

At the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, and the playground nearby

Robot funBiking on the Cedar River trail in Renton. It's nice for about half a mile, then its a boring trail right next to a busy road.

Bye, bye, bed. We sold Kenny's bed on craigslist to make room for a bunk bed for him and PeterPeter LOVES puzzles!

Kenny and a toyA butterfly landed on my back in the butterfly garden at the Pacific Science Center. He was a little tattered, though.

Kenny picked up this star wars mask from the free box at a local garage sale. He was thrilled!

We had our peps friends over to our house for dinner. Baby Victor is there too!Having a kids table is NICE!

Kenny and Eric went to Camp Orkila with the Y Guides

Mom and Peter at the Kelsey Creek Farm Fair

Later that evening we had some friends over for a potluck

And Peter and I went on a bike ride on the Sammamish River Trail/Burke Gilman trail, where it changes to the Burke Gilman Trail

Peter is just so cuteHe's a good kicker too.

Kenny and I went to an elementary school garage sale in Kirkland, and bought so much cool stuff!At Luther Burbank Park - it doesn't show up well in this picture, but the water rushed out here, making something like a blowhole

Kenny talking about playing the Star Wars Lego video gameNice sunset

Mother's Day celebration at Kenny's kindergarten glass. Good thing I came - I think there was only one child whose mother was not able to come.

Kenny's class, singing a song

Kenny and his teacher, Ms. Schwartz

We went to the Mima Mounds Natural Area, south of Olympia. Kenny enjoyed using this Scotch Broom pullerThis cool structure is designed to look like one of the mounds

Camas was all over the place. Apparently it was a big food source for the indiansA Rolly Polly had the bad luck to be found by Peter

The light wasn't that good, so it's hard to see the mounds very well