Trip to Vancouver, B.C.

The Vasilik's spend a weekend in Vancouver.

Near the airport there was a playground with a miniature layout of the real airfield. Here is runway 8R.

Going over the Lion's Gate BridgeLynn Canyon State Park

We stayed at the Sylvia Hotel again. One of the oldest buildings on English Bay.

Taking care of the ivy must take a lot of time!Kenny and Peter liked playing along the shore. Our first day there was quite nice.

Near Granville Island Public Market, we found a small playground where a woman was feeding the pigeons.

One girl managed to pick one up. Eric tried and got a handful of pigeon poop for his trouble.We took a very short ferry ride from the Market to the north side of the channel.

Walking back up the beack to our hotel we found plenty of cool things.

Gotta go to teh Aquarium when in Vancouver!


I did not know Santa could scuba dive!