Christmas 2009 in Asheville

Eric, Sylvia, Kenny and Peter visit Grandma and Grandpa in Asheville, North Carolina

Conrad gives Kenny a Christmas messagePeter really enjoyed the electric train circling the Christmas tree!

Peter tries to smile for daddy.Before the it rained, there was some good snowman building material outside.

(this is a few days later)

Good for sledding too!

Kenny with some fancy building blocks!Kenny and Mom also built an roofless igloo.

Uncle Kenvin brought his Nitendo Wii which was quite popular.Kenin and Petra.

Petra made Sylvia's birthday cake.Santa (Brian) made a visit as well!

Kenny and Peter helped with the presents.Taking a walk around the undeveloped suburb next door - Sylvia identified some bear scat. Bears like berries, evidently.

The development surrounding the house is still incomplete. The bank owns the property now.Kenny got to make use of his new cooking equipment making breadsticks.

Kevin, Petra, Forrest and Jessie.

Sylvia's niece Natasha came by for a day as well.Everyone but Ann got a case of stomach flu. Much recovering was had by all.

Tom came by for a visit.While Eric and Kenny were recovering from the virus, Sylvia and Peter drove to Charlotte to visit her mother, Alex, Juanita and Conrad.