Lake Chelan

We went to Lake Chelan for the Memorial Day weekend, with the Blatt and Parmacek family

River Reach Dam Park, on the way to ChelanAt the Rocky Reach Dam park, on the way to Chelan. It was VERY secure - fancy gate, not very friendly looking. It turned out to be a great place for a rest stop.

The fish ladder

The innards of the dam itself

The playground had a toy I'd never seen before - kind of like a little trolley that you wind across

At the Chelan riverwalk

Benji climbing up a treeOur rental condo in Chelan. It was nicer than expected.

Looking for a geocache along the Riverwalk

Kenny found it!

Peter at the pizza restaurantThe Parmaceks

Playing the nintendo DSMaking breakfast

Steve, back from his runTaking a hike in the Echo Ridge area

Brett and his lizards

The lizards in their new homePeter with the Mr. Potato Head toy - one of his favorites now.

Looking for another geocache, around Manson Lake